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  1. hello sir, you are absolutely right, but i am hoping, that if they work in my own fishing they could become a little side hussle, never know? so looking at cost effective ways to produce without compromising on quality. i think CB would be viable but only in bult at very large QTY's
  2. Thanks for comming back to me on this and ok, understood. The thing is, Cork balls are so expensive compared to crushed Cork. 1litre of crushed Cork is around £4.50 and you can get 6 100g mixes out of that when only using 15g. With pop up mix, when taking on water will slowely sink as we all know. I want to try and get it to work with crushed Cork as its cost effective as well as garrenteed buoyancy. It's a tough one.
  3. Thank you sir, ill have a try again. i need to get some small eggs have ran out, but ill see what results come of it. Thank you all for your time and help!
  4. This is what keeps happening. Even adding a bit of hwmpnoil to the roller to prevent sticking still ends up like this.
  5. hi Kev, first of all thankyou for coming back to me on this. so the issue is that its like that tacky sticky wet paste feel, like wet moist wet play dough that sticks to everything, not a smooth pliable paste. you honestly think its the size of the wet egg content?
  6. Hi guys, Hoping for some help. I have been making a mix to create cork granule pop ups however, for the life of me i cannot get the mix to dry enough to be used in the CCmoore cork ball roller. when making the 16mm baits they dont form and just split within the bait maker, as though its too wet. i am only using 10ml of liquid into a 1 egg mix and using the specific hard hook bait mix from ccmoore. please see recipe below: 40g of flavoured powder 45G of hard hook bait mix 15g of cork dust 10ml of liquid 1 egg paste mix sealed into a bag for 30 mins Am i doing something wrong? All help is greatly appreciated.
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