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    Our govt did a wonderful job distributing them back in the day.
  2. The the Connecticut is simply an amazing River and quite simple to fish. There are many many places that are easy to find. You should make the effort as the rewards can be beyond expectation. A 30# mirror is "nice" but not when guys are targeting much bigger...
  3. C-Arp

    Landed a Good Un

    Lots of prebaiting on the way to work lead to some pretty enjoyable sessions for both numbers and quality. Here is a lovely specimen who picked the single boilie out of the freebies
  4. The only real answer is to find them... and bait where they are. Cant catch them where they ain't. Lol Flowing water is easier... find a good eddy and let the chum smell bring them to you.
  5. Interesting thread. There will always be mirrors in any population. The Connecticut River has a tremendous reputation for ginormous mirrors. That fishery isn't going to change. I would expect that the mirrors in that section are the dominant gene. South of the dam it shifts back to more of a common dominant population. I've fished the Saint Lawrence and only managed a handful of mirrors in over a decade. Same with the Hudson River.
  6. I got into carp fishing about 15 years ago after being a professional hunting and fishing guide. Something clicked and I've never really looked back. These fish are truly a challenge... to catch on a regular basis or to target true specimens. I'm new to this forum but looking forward to meeting y'all.
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