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  1. The camsite I fish can be really fun for a couple of hours on the surface, which can result in 9 or 10 fish, but Around half of the carp are deformed in there. I fish this water every now and again but when i catch almost half of the fish are deformed. One i had last time had no lips, and a mouth on the side of its head, just a stub where the mouth would be. The others I have caught there bleed really easily in their mouth even though I am playing them in with care. Some carp have deformed mouths about the size of a thumbnail and have finrot. This water is an easy runs water with anyone on the busy campsite fishing it, but does anyone know why these carp are so deformed?
  2. DOes anyone know how to fish elodea, as many of the swims in the lake that I am fishing are full of this weed? Thanks
  3. I was thinking of buying some cell from Angling Direct But do they not defrost in the delivery? or are they delivered specially? Thanks
  4. Hi, looking to start prebaiting my lake and was wandering if i could use my mainline maple ADE and hydra sweet with AA baits superseed base mix?? I have maple ADE and hydra sweet already and I didn't know if these flavours would work for a prebaiting campaing? thanks/!!
  5. Teo


    Hi, i was thinking of prebaiting a low stock big pit, and i was thinking of prebaiting in likely areas and i was wondering the minimum amount of bait i could put in and how regularly
  6. Does anyone know o any lakes with alkeside accomadation in cornwall/ devon/ sommerset?? Thanks
  7. Teo

    Winter tactics

    living in cornwall there's not much of these tho , the waters i fish are club waters//?
  8. This winter I am going to be fishing low stock pits with large carp, some depths go down to 70ft and there are other shallow regions, should i fish shallow bays that are around 6ft, or should i head to deeper water where it is around 13 ft, or should i cast straight into the 70ft water (can carp go this deep??). Also should I take a mobile approach?/ and finnaly should i stick with the throwing stick/cattie to get boilies out or should I use a solid/mesh bagor both? ( I am not very good with a stick yet tho)
  9. 50/50 is cheap : 0 thats the only reason I am using it!!
  10. Different boilies, pellets and particles always work well. I use Nash instant action monster crab, instant action crab and krill and coconut creme all at the same time, if carp don't want the fishmeals then they will eat the coconut cremes, meaning that they will still feed. I use chickpea, sweetcorn, maize and hemp as well, this, in my opinion, creates the best feeding response as No matter what the carp want, it should be there. I also like to fish a pva into this as I want to make sure my bait is presented well so I use a bag of 2mm pellets. I think that it should confuse pressures carp and they should trip up as it looks like many anglers have just dropped different baits in as they leave, and the different boilies have different breakdown rates and scent trails, making sure that all levels of the lake have attraction drawn to them for a prolonged amount of time. I'm the end it's just down to what your confident with though
  11. I am making mainline fifty fifty boilies and using maple ade and sweet ade, and boiling them sometimes for over 3 minutes and they come out with and odd, smooth consistency and they become really soft in the water, does anyone know how to combat this?? Thanks
  12. Bait vault on youtube is the best place to look. It shows you cheap spod mixes and boilies and how to make them! great baits and cheap prices. Also try decathlon baits, 10kg bags i think are under £15!!
  13. What pellets should you look for, and would the rest just need normal particle preparation (pigeon conditioner)
  14. Hi, I was just wandering what baits i should use on a lake with cat and carp, I would like to catch a catfish but I also would like to be in with a chance.of catching carp (saving a blank), also would my korda ntrap soft coated hooklink with a size 5 curve shank hair rig work?... It will be tied to an inline lead with silicone tubing, thanks! Also any advice on hair length and hooking length would be appreciated. And where catfish like to hide! Many thanks, teo
  15. Thanks, would i still need to recheck my rig if i used a boom section, or a stiff section so that it would be presented well.
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