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Looking for a lake

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I wonder if you could help. Me and my other half have booked a week off in September, we were looking at going to Orchid Fisheries but after reading the reports on here we have changed our minds.


We dont care how far we have to travel but we would like to stay in the UK, Wales or Scotland and are looking for a fishery with a good head of 20's and 30's and maybe even some catfish. Any suggestions would be much appreciated!



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Willow bank fisheries near s(censored)horpe, north lincs ...


carp up to 35lb in all 3 lakes..


and catfish up to 70lb in 2 of the lakes....


i think its quite expensive though.... 30+ for a night session


google "willow bank kirton"


i think its quite an easy water, coz my mate caught a few fish and he is just a "cast onto the horizon and hope" kind of angler... so if your good at watercraft you should get them going..

.....although matt hayes fished here overnight on "the great rod race" for the cats and caught nothing.... ha



Edited to remove swearing. This is not allowed in any form, please don't do it again. Stoogi.

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This may help however no nights




Have a look at fairview nr Selby




Decent place, not cats but a decent head of fish. It's a small pond in the owners garden. Toilet, shower, water etc. Local takeawys etc. There is also a cabin you can hire if you don't want to bivvy up. It does get booked up as there are only about 6 swins, but give Irv or Gill a call.


Hope that helps

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