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Rod recommendations for method feeders in tight spaces and heavy cover?

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Hey yall! The short version is I'm trying to find an 8 or 9 foot carp rod around 2.5 to 3lb test curve with a soft enough tip to properly fish 2oz+ method feeders, but enough power in the butt section to handle 14lb main line and turn big carp away from fallen trees. Any help would be appreciated 😊

Long version-

I'm an experienced fisherman but I'm new to the carp game. I have plenty of research but only a few sessions and good fish under my belt. I've had some success thus far fishing heavy method feeders (3-3.5oz) on a 14ft power feeder rod.

The issue is that the lakes/ponds I fish are all very snaggy with powerful fish, so I need that extra umph to turn them before they snag me on fallen trees, stumps, or riprap, and I need the larger diameter 12-14lb mainline to handle the abrasive surfaces. I had the privilege of learning all this by losing a lot of fish and expensive end tackle I couldn't afford to replace. There's probably a sunken tree out there somewhere with feeders hanging on it like Christmas ornaments.

However these waters are also heavily wooded, it has been excessively difficult to cast and play fish in those tight spaces with a rod that long. Unsurprisingly I haven't been able to find a feeder rod in 8 or 9 ft that is rated for heavier lines and has enough muscle. I think a carp rod between 2.5 to 3lb test curve with a soft tip and a solid butt section is probably my best bet, but I can't physically get my hands on anything. Any suggestions? 

It's becoming more and more apparent to me that rods built for UK anglers often can't be applied in the same ways for our truly wild water and fish here in NA. I have a fishing buddy from Birmingham who described his fisheries back home as "Neatly manicured in comparison, bordering on metrosexual really." 😆

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