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Monkey climbers

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To be honest mate when I used Monkey climbers, it was a long time back and didn't really have the same sort of protective luggage we have now, so gear used get a bit thrown about and abused more. And you're right about the ground softening up now. I don't think the originals were stainless, from memory, more like aluminium or some kind of alloy which is probably why they got the odd nick in them. I'm sure they would be made a bit more robust now and great in the wind. And the single bleep from a rat knocking the hanger would also be eliminated, go for it, let us know how you get on.

I can remember various climber needles, PTFE coated, steel or even knitting needles...



I had a monkey climber mount made up that fitted onto my rod rod, so with the original Gardner pod my needles never got bent.

The machined steel needles had a screw thread at the bottom which screwed into the bar along the pod.


As for monkey climber bodies, PTFE with a metal loop, the Solar lightflo, PTFE with bases that could be swapped to increase or decrease the weight, think that was Gardner, with or without a slot for isotope or the original that was cut out of a herb container, although I could never get a consistent pair exactly the same.

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