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early season report from Genesis Lake

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In the past 5 weeks since our opening this year we have had 24 anglers on the lake and we have also had some awful weather from frosts to plenty of rain, high winds and very cold. The fishing was very patchy to start , but now with the warmer weather things are improving day by day.

196 Carp have been banked with 107 from 10 lb to 20 lbs , 65 carp from 20 lbs to 30 lbs and 24 from 30 up to 37 lbs. Our best common to date came in at 37lbs and our lake record standing,a mirror at 38.5 lbs (so far)click on the link and see some of Genesis Carp from the past couple of yearshttp://photobucket.com/Genesislake

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@ gill cover


I've been searching around for some feedback on catches at genesis and found a 'genesis blog' with nothing on it and this. Would it be possible to have a feedback page or a catch report page on your website? This is really the best marketing tool you could have.

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Hi footpath

when you say nothing on it do you mean completly blank? as there is a couple of pics on there and a write up of catches for the past week ? It maybe that we had only just added it so had not written anything on there at that time . Shall be adding more as the week go's by with whats been caught this week , I can say that we have had 3 carp out from 33 to 34 lbs so far.(plus others) :D

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