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Finally, my fishing time


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Apologies for not posting but work has been full on.

Actually got out on the water for myself recently and managed to get the tank that spooled Steve-Bok a month or two ago - at least that's what i'm telling Steve.

The tank weighed in at 29lb and was released for others to enjoy.

Steve, this came from the same place where you got done by someone placing an island in the way of your fish.

<a  href=10102010423.jpg' alt='10102010423.jpg'>


Fish are really on the bite at present, heaps of fun. Averaging maybe 70kg plus of fish per session and all still swimming for tomorrows fun.

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Great fish!


Hopefully there are some monsters lurking about next time I'm up there!


I'm convinced that fish I had was hooked in the tail or something, otherwise it was a total beast. I've never been whipped so badly before except on 1kg pretest. Normally that set-up I had stops them pretty quickly. I was giving it heaps on a virtually locked drag and got smashed :shock: I'm still sulking about it.


Might have to go heavy gear next time even though I'm much better with the lighter gear. Fish for the big ones!

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