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Where to look for carps in the Dams like these pictures

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I live in Iran (Middle East) where there are lots of Dams in deserts.

Because these are Not Natural dams so you rarely find Plants in water.


On the Other hand, there will be lots of Bay around the bay and as you get far from the dam the depth decrease gradually;


1- I want to know where is the best place to look for carps (all common carps) in such situations? in Bays or wide grounds?


2- in which grounds you can find better carps? in stony grounds or in clays?


I have attached some pic of the dams and the carps living here!







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It is a bit tough question because I do not know the temperature characteristic through out the year.

If it would be in Europe then in the spring the right places would be shallow warmer spots up to 2m deep. Then later I would look for some sand and gravel bars between 3 and 9 meters. Before a regular winter I would look after deeper spots.

But in Iran it may be completely different due to climate, water temperature, natural food distribution etc.


Another rule of the thumb is to orient yourself by wind direction. Especially after period with warm weather and no wind if the wind starts blowing you should select the shore where the waves are going to and cast against the wind. The effect of oxygenating the water is kind of sure fire method to catch carp. They will follow such water and start to feed. This is even more valid if the lake is deep.

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Dear Pali


Thank You very much for ur useful reply;


1- Can you tell me what does carp eat in the dams located in hot places without any Plants?


2- What is the best solution to gather the carps in the Place I am fishing;

with respect to this "I usually go for fishing in 2 days, and at most, Once every two weak"




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In every lake detritus will evolve and it contains small creatures, worms etc. Carp will eat it. Also mussels are eaten.


Being you I would start with some corn, this is probably the most universal bait for carp. Later you could experiment with boilies but I am uncertain about availability in your country.

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