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  1. From what I have seen, most anglers will have both of these rigs (hinged stiff and chody) in their armoury. Both rigs have similar presentation, both are used in some of the same situations (anti tangle and long range, presenting pop ups making them useful over leaves for good hook clearance from debris, and both have a solid presentation over most conditions) So, both of them have uses, but if you could only use one for the rest of your angling days, which one would it be?
  2. Hi all, ever since I have been using braid as a mainline, I have always been using hooks of size 6 at the smallest (almost always size 4) and now, coming into the winter, I would like to scale down to a single 10mm pop up, or pop up particles. For these rigs, I think it would be wise to go for size 8 for the 10mm pop ups, and size 8 or 10 for the small particles in order to balance hook-bait size. My question is, would it be safe to scale down hooks that small whilst using braid, would I begin to experience hook pulls and damage to the mouth of the fish from the hook being pulled around?
  3. My lines are semi tight, there is a fluorocarbon leader of about 30 feet before the rig which is pinned down, but very little slack.
  4. When I began carp fishing, I always used mono line. A standard carp take for me was a few bleeps then a run; it varied slightly but the essentials were the same. However, im sure we have all had the weird scenario where we get a screaming run, then there is nothing on the end. About one year ago I decided to switched to braided line (spiderwire invisi-braid), since then my bites changed (probably due to the lack of stretch) to violent "jerks" of line peeling from the reel at inconsistent speed. I always now hit the rod on those violent jerks. I have never since had a run with nothing on the end. The question is, when we get a few tiny bleeps of the bobbin using mono, is that actually already a take but due to the stretch it appears to be a tiny movement, and also are mono "liners" what we think they are? Could they be takes? What else could have caused the difference in runs between mono and braid?
  5. thanks all, looks like im going to stick to my stuff and put in the hours.
  6. Hi all, I am used to fishing smaller, better stocked venues with carp to about 25lb. Lately I decided that this winter and next year I am up for a challenge on a bigger water. I joined Coate Water country park, and I understand that this is going to be something else. It is a 65 acre reservoir with very few fish, but they go up to 48lb with rumors of a 50. The water is clear, with medium-thick weed. I don't know a great deal about the water, best swims, best bait, where the features are.ect So how should I go about it this winter and next season? Thankyou
  7. hi, im Nathan, I have been on carp.com before as nathanhuynh, created a new account as my old one seems to have deleted somehow.
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