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  1. Cheers guys, this is why I'm going to try the tapered shock leaders to help with the knot size to stop it catching during the cast & ease of it going through the ringing
  2. Right, going try the cheaper route first & see how I get on, going to go for a 15lb mono with a tapered 40lb - 15lb shock leader to help reduce the knot size. Any floors in this set-up then go for something like the Gardener KINETIC 35lb spod braid on my marker setup & use this without the shocker to begin with..
  3. Thanks for the feedback so far guys, just to say that I always use a casting glove but never had enough confidants in the low diameter braid to cast hard without a shocker & I always wet my rings & thoroughly wet my reel before spodding & as I always use spombs it's easy to retrieve through water I'll always retrieve it back every 2nd or 3rd cast with the tip under the water so it's always wet enough. So after these replies I'm undecided wether to go for a thicker diameter braid & lose the shocker unless I'm hitting big distances or a 12/15lb mono with a shocker?
  4. Hi all, I'm aware it's been a big topic in the past & will crop up again but after searching this topic a lot recently I'm still not able to fully understand the problems I've had. I had a Sonik Sk3 spod rod with a Stillwater extreme spod reel loaded with 20lb Berkeley whiplash pro green with a ESP shock leader, after having quite regular issues with crack offs & frapping I recently got a Freespirt spomb rod & Shimano spod reel which I loaded with 20b spiderwire ez braid with shock leader, which worked great until I realised that the line clip was fraying it badly but think this is more down to the unusual braid of the spiderwire rather than the Shimano line clip. I stripped this off & spooled the whiplash from my old reel on but straight away it was frapping & cracked off, although it normally spools a good dozen or so yards off before this & is often after it's been retrieved under tension & wet. Question is with whiplash being a good braid why is this happening? Is it because of the low diameter (breaking strain)? Do I look for a higher breaking strain & diameter, not use a shock leader unless at real distance or do I go down the mono route with either a tapered shock leader or braid shocker? Any info would be welcome, many thanks nick
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