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  1. Hi all, been a while since I've made a post on here but I'm in need of some opinions, I am currently in the market for a new bivvy, the two that take my fancy are the nash double top with wrap (3rd skin) and the aqua M3 with super wrap, dose anyone have some feedback on either of these two bivvies, looking for pros and cons of the 2 if possible. Thank you in advance
  2. I'm currently wearing my skeetex for work as its a cold walk back at 11 at night [emoji23]
  3. My old man got a set of these, nice bits of kit
  4. I got a trakker baiting pouch (bum bag looking thing) and a nash bottom base layer thermal set off the old dear for Christmas [emoji1]
  5. I use mine for combatting wind and for night time, the minus lowers the sensitivity and the plus increases it, I fish mine on minus 3/4 during the day if in open water and switch to plus at night for that little extra response, or sometimes if I'm fishing tight to snags clipped up i'll have them set on 4/5 plus unless there's a gale blowing then I will turn them down to minus you counteract wind beeps
  6. People like that do my head in [emoji35] it's the same with korda
  7. Ohh no they don't do cover anymore, I clicked the buy now and said they've stopped doing insurance and existing policy holders need to change company's at the end of the year
  8. I've now been pointed in the direction of Coventry carp leads who make leads of similar if not better quality than the main makers and my glasses were off eBay, think they only cost me 20 quid brand new
  9. That was a great help thank you
  10. Carp sure doesn'tsay on there web page that they cover damages and loss on the bank, I emailed them asking if they did and I've had no reply, that was over a week ago
  11. What I remember buying "oooops" X3 daiwa theory 3 1/2lb TC rods Coleman duel fuel stove Sketex field boots Tracker f32 thermal suit X3 delkim standard originals Identiskinz stickers (M0E) X3 rod JAG stainless steel goal posts Green delkim alarm covers Fox x-pod + X3 Fox captive back leads and bar for pod Nash h-gun elevator carp cradle H-gun cradle bag Attx V2 receiver and dongles X3 Delkim snag ears X3 sonik turno 8000 Fox xocet 16lb line Nash tracksuit bottoms Nash T-shirt Nash zip jacket X10 fox leads 2 1/3/2 1/2oz Chub 5 rod caryall X3 gripper but rests Shimano Polaroid sun glasses Trakker weigh sling sanctuary Nash stainless scales Jrc scale pouch Cygnet distance sticks Now I know there's more but I can't remember it all lol all this spending was over a period of 1/2 months
  12. In my opinion mate I'd go for the original delkim txi's rater than the new plus's, there bomb proof as far as alarms are concerned but then again so are nevs, maybe the new nash ones are worth a look at aswell?
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