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  1. Okay thats o problem you have more experience than me so your advice is essential
  2. I never done nothing like this but i always wanted to
  3. Well it could be a possiblity we can arrange it for next year what you think
  4. Well a fairly good venue a average of about 10 anglers to 15 and maybe somewhere in the midlands i dont actually know how to go about it etc i just thought it will be good to do something for children in need charity
  5. Thats even a better idea cybor we all just need to put in a helping jand and make it happen
  6. Thats even a better idea cybor we all just need to put in a helping jand and make it happen
  7. Yea i think its a really good idea but hey lets see what happen its only a thought from me lets see how many will be interested and help put it together am sure alot of us on here have kids and anything can happen in the split of a second
  8. Good day lads over the weekend i were watching the childrens in need on bbc one and i were touch by some of the stories that i were close to almost bringing tears to my eyes . I couldnt believe the amount of kids that are suffering from all sorts of life threatening difficulties whether its cancer,brain injuries,being homeless and suffering from other illnesses so i thought why not some of the carp anglers in the midlands come together at a good fisheries in the midlands and do a 24 or 48 hours session for the children in need charity for each fish each angler catch he pays £3-£5 quid for each fish you catch if you havent catch anything then you still donate something its all for a good cause The children in need charity lets support it
  9. I have found those cr1025 battrries on ebay for about two pounds
  10. Newmarket if I had seen this post earlier I probably could of post office or two for you I have two cards of battery am sure that I have that particular type you looking for
  11. Yea I realise that and the corn and maple are cheap as well 20kg bags like about tenner
  12. Yea I soaked the maples,maize and corn boil it for about two hours until soft add some corn oil,chickpeas,chilli flakes some garlic salt
  13. What you guys think about this particle spod mix will add some hemp to it
  14. Yea forgot you don't carp fish in the winter
  15. Not really I might be able to get to a lake once it's close by
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