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  1. Anyone any tips on fishing this lake just joined any advice would be gratefull.
  2. ive herd about people being targeted and knives or shotgun barrels shoved through bivvies while the tackle is taken.we spend lots of money doing what we love just to let some scrote take it who as prob never worked in there lives.it is getting worse i always travel with my partner and she fishes too.
  3. glyngriffiths

    letang mureau

    french fishing holiday with the love of my life.
  4. The lake we are going to is called letang mureau any information would be great.
  5. Hi ladies and gentlemen,me and the partner have booked our first trip to france and we are after a few pointers .i,e how much bait to take and is it much difference to fishing in the uk.
  6. we take our home bbq and eat like kings and of course the odd take away delivered to the lake indian chinese pizza mexican end is endless.
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  8. just had a fantastic weekend at oaklands i didnt catch anything but my partner did,she also had quite a few liners peg 10 on cell poped up.14lb 4 nearly a full leather looking forward to our next trip fantastic facilities and really beautyfull surroundings well done steph and claire. 10 out of 10
  9. ive just bought the upgrade to these on ebay 3 alarms and free reciever anyone tried the solace out yet and any comments would be appreciated.
  10. Whats the best in winter boilies or dead maggots in winter. i.e medusa rig
  11. Going to fish oakmere sat 15/02/2014 anyone fished here recently and were is fishing good and any pointers would be appreciated.
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