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  1. You could look at the wychwood classic rods,i have 2 in 2 3/4 tc and LOVE them,there in your price range and the 3lb version im sure has 50mm butt rings,imo for the price they are AMAZING rods,infact i just sold my freespirit carp tamers as much prefer the classics Oh they have LOVELY cork handles too
  2. yep and thats why i swapped the set after using it twice for 1 txi plus blue alarm,3 carbon swinger arms and 3 night light pros and just got another blue txi plus,should of looked around for some txis before really as my old original delks are still going strong,just wanted something with wireless reciever so bought the fox alarms on impulse lol now got to save for the rx pro reciever
  3. lol yay we are all right lol ive owned the mono version so knew it came in mono,never knew carbo and braid was under the same name though
  4. I've been known to leave a PVA baited rod in position for 48 hours, until I had a take. I was fishing the margins near to me, had baited up at the start of the session with a fair amount of groundbait and particles, and thought that regular recasting would spook the fish. I felt that it was going to take some time for the fish to come in close. When it did eventually go, the fish on the end was 30lb+ exactly,if you are happy with the spot you are fishing leave it untill you get a run
  5. yep i would say okuma are decent reels for the price,ive got 2 somewhere that are still going strong
  6. WOW you lot recast alot lol i leave my bait/bag out for up to 5/6 hrs sometimes,if you are happy with the spot you have put it then leave it untill you get a run
  7. Thanks peeps,oh and sorry from swearing,was just a bit annoyed just been to tackle shop and they replaced the WHOLE set so i am now very happy,i geuss a few dodgy alarms will sneak through in the testing process,cant wait to fish with them now to see what there really like
  8. Not that great quality!! just put batteries in and set them up on the pod with rod etc,one works great,the other is not!! the roller sticks and is VERY stiff,runs register but not drop backs at all!!! the roller dosnt move,im taking them back tomorrow to see if i can either get a replacement or my money back!! Very dissapointed if they both worked like the good one i would be a happy chappy but they dont! Edited for swearing nw
  9. Thanks for your input,ive got a pair of oldschool standered delks which are still going strong but needed some alarms with a reciever as i can sleep quite deep (when i do actually sleep) and these were pritty cheep compared to others out there new,i havnt even put batteries in them yet(need to buy some tomorrow) but im hoping these will see me through untill i have the cash for something a bit more flash lol If they are as good and last as long as the old fox m range of alarms im sure i will be happy. Has anyone on here got them?
  10. Have only ever used 2 rods mostly because im too tight to pay for the extra licence haha,my mates use 3 rods and always get into a bit of a mess when landing fish
  11. Should of asked this earlier as just picked a set up today but has anyone used these? whats your thoughts on them? they look/feel quite nice for the price but havnt used them yet. Any feedback would be welcome Thanks Luke
  12. ahhh i see lol at least i took my watch off
  13. dont know what you mean lol whats the difference???
  14. Fished a local lake on saturday using my homemade boillies,was feeling quite confident although it was the first time i tried them,anyhow had one run resulting in this nice 20lb 8oz carp soooo happy i caught on my own bait on its first outing
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