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  1. Cheers guys. Still a little unsure tho great fan of the shorter rods. I no the sawn offs black ops are meant for stalking but I was thinking of using for my Carp fishing I never fish at distance it's just the lake I fish has some big fish in 30's 40's so was hoping the 2lb would deal with that size of fish ?
  2. Would these rods be ok for general fishing and coping with large fish? I am very keen on the shorter rods but these are 6' and 2lb . Didn't no if any body has used them or the Nash dwafts in 2lb ? Thanks guys
  3. Haha I take it you don't like fox then Newmarket.. I am a fan of both Daiwa and shimano but just can't decide on what to but budget is about £230 a reel
  4. I really like the look of these reels and had fox reels in the past and quite like fox but which would be the ones to buy as I can't decide hopefully somebody has used these and could help please ?
  5. Ye I'm leaning towards the f11 now but still deciding out of the two
  6. Really want one of the two.. Anybody used ether or both which is better ? I no the XT has fast drag where the f11 does not but for a £100 difference in price is the XT worth the extra cash over the f11
  7. I'm based in a sleepy town called wisbech it's nr Kings Lynn or 20 mins from peterbough. The only tackle shop where there would be a lot of rods on sale is sheltons of peterbough but they seem to sell masses of nash gear. But the daiwa longbow & infinity are on show. But I have seen the harrison torrix on sale with johnston ross £270
  8. Learned a lot from all this info much more clear to me now.. Im thinking harrison torrix and daiwa longbow or infinty
  9. Thanks for all the input guys .. Now just got to decide which ones are for me. Will post again when I have decided
  10. Yep heard of the torrix . You would recommend 3.25lb then ? Think they was £270 What about the cerbera rods just seen them £200 in 3lb or 3.25lb
  11. What are the cerbera rods like would you no ? This name does pop up a lot
  12. Ok. Will take a look at the greys aswell.. Do really like the daiwa rods look tho aswell. I will need to get myself to a tackle shop and have a feel my nearest shop would be sheltons of peterbough... I no they stock them because seen them in there before. Also like the look of the infinty df rods but they are like £280 per rod maybe a bit to much when I can do the same with the longbow
  13. Thanks cm ... Will be ordering some of these soon enough just didn't wanna buy the 2.75 and they where too soft Thanks again
  14. Thank mate look forward to hopefully hearing from him. Well I say long range I'm more med range than anything. I no what your saying on the 2.75 tc being plenty but I have heard (how true I don't no) that the longbow 2.75 is very floppy for a 2.75 rod. Maybe say the 3.5 will be ok and not a broom stick ?
  15. Hi guys Just hoping somebody out there owns a set or 3 of these rods and can recommend a test curve. 2.75lb. 3lb. 3.5lb. Are the three in which I'm looking at. My fishing varies in med to long range. Weedy or snag free etc so really unsure which tc Heard these are an all through action rod so maybe the lower tc 2.75 will b too floppy and I should go for the 3.5 ? Anyway really hope you can help
  16. Anybody own the new aqua brolly system recently released? Do like a brolly but am also swaying towards an aqua atom but I'm like 6.4".. Not that my height will stop me getting one but it's out of these two that I have chosen so reviews from users would be great
  17. Aqua don't have a wrap or no of one that fits so looks like I have a fast and light for sale lol
  18. I no.. I should have thought about this before buying but there you go . Shame there wasn't some kind of front or wrap out there may have to bite the bullet and buy a new brolly system
  19. Brought this brolly early in the year and love it I'm very much a brolly lover rather than bivvies ... But Now I want to fish in the winter and with all the rain and s##t weather we get in the uk I could really do with some sort of over wrap or something rather than go out and buy a brolly system. Question is those of you that use a brolly or even the fast and light is there any sort of wrap that would cover this ?
  20. Thanks mate very nice selection and you could easily spend a small fortune .. I guess the standard £169 would be ready for delivery straight off and the extras you would have to wait ??
  21. Thanks adrooooo for the link .. Like the sound of those dymag rods, was no prices so I guess it's an email to them in the morning .. Seen some torrix 9ft rods aswell
  22. The rods im using are the esp stalker rods 9ft 2.75lb and my biggest catch was 29lb at the weekend so I was over the moon also my BP. These rods where great to play all the fish on.. But was just thinking about getting a couple of rods like these but not stalker rods I do like the 9ft length in rods they suited me fine but can only seem to find the nash scopes in 9ft? Maybe even 10ft? Cancel the 12 ft thinking I do prefer 9ft rods/10ft rods to be fair
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