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    Carp Fishing of Coarse.!

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  1. Thieving bug''rs, they need a red hot poker shuvved up somewhere.
  2. These are what I have Top Kit for the money.
  3. http://www.yateleyangling.co.uk/shimano-aerlex-8000-xta-reel-en.html
  4. Well i now a fair few carp chaps and none have a set of these i would be hard pushed to remember when i have ever seen some of those on the bank, so that must be saying something or they are a well kept secret.
  5. I just picked up a pair of Shimano Biomasters 8000xta second hand although hardley used, they are great. £100
  6. Its like ploppy but with a g
  7. Hi there, i have just re-joined but was a member through the 90's. What are the bad reports.? What lakes are you looking to fish?? I used to fish Tarn Pond (CutMill Pond) and the Warren and not seen or had a problem before.
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