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  1. Hi there, i have just re-joined but was a member through the 90's. What are the bad reports.? What lakes are you looking to fish?? I used to fish Tarn Pond (CutMill Pond) and the Warren and not seen or had a problem before.
  2. Taken this form Yateley Angling Centre.. Farnham Angling Society today confirmed their successful acquisition of the remaining Yateley Lakes via a Newsletter. These lakes are: - Horseshoe, Pumphouse. Tree, South, Summer Pit, Match, Copse, Nursery and the River Blackwater. You will be allowed to fish the South Lake as of the 1st February 2013. The rest are NOT to be fished until the 1st April 2013 unless you have specific written permission from the Committee. The price of the ticket has risen by only 13 % and the cost now for a senior member is £86.00. Considering the other cracking waters the club already have, plus the stretches of river, it is without doubt a bargain
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