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  1. Hello all hope you had a good Christmas and new year, this is the year I aim to catch my first 30....now iv read different techniques on line tension I just wonder in your opinion what is best, completely slack lines that now from the rod tip or the old school approach of tight lines? thanks for replies
  2. Just wondered if anyone new of a good set of bite alarms with remote receiver for around the £150 mark? I only usually fish two rods if that helps
  3. Yeah it is a bowl shaped bottom going from 3ft in the margin going through to about 14ft there are a lot of under water features such as snags and gravel bars, I'm quite new to the specimen fishing scene so all help is welcome ill have a browse through that mate thanks happy new year
  4. Now I wouldn't call my self a fair weather fisherman but I seem to have a bad luck spell in the colder months, I really don't know why I blame it on the cold freezing my intellect as my cold weather catch record is less than impressive, I do have however the keenness and motivation to get out there when it is bitter, I was just wondering if any one had any tips for cold weather carping...the lake I fish is mixed depth from around 3ft to around 14ft and fairly even bottomed if that helps
  5. Haha! I wish I could have someone to make my baits for me but you need to be really good for that eventuality, I have tried a variety of making them but I do agree they do smell when they are boiling, I just feel like it's more of an accomplishment to catch on something that you've concocted yourself
  6. Some very good advice there lads thanks a lot I'm going to start to use only my own baits because they are just to expensive to buy
  7. Yeah I think that too but it's just so time consuming rolling each ball....have you got a good recipe for a good base mix mate?
  8. So which one would you go for mate?
  9. What's better a gun or the rolling table? They both have mixed reviews
  10. Cheers mate there's one on order now what ingredients would you say constituents to make good boilies as you may tell I'm only a beginner in bait making
  11. How do you make them all the same size like say 15mm, is there a mould or cast I just roll by hand usually and they come in all different shapes and sizes lol?
  12. Just bought the cyprinus maxus 2 man bivvy in the sale for 150 and what a bargain...well that's what I think it's my first bivvy and it looks like it is built to last iv had expensive tents in the past an the quality is no where near as good as the bivvy...any thoughts on this bivvy good or bad all welcome
  13. It's happened to me too mate, I know the majority of all the old gear won't be replaceable but he should be able to claim on contents insurance for a little constellation not ideal I know but it would help, these tools never get caught!
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