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  1. Speaking of rats I got to the bank late one night all set everything sorted pottering around outside the bivvy when something is tugging on my leg.... Loose line so I start pulling an yup when that popped out my girlfriend nearly died zipped up the bivvy door an wouldn't let me in. it was dead but still must of swallowed some old line with a hook attached.
  2. Ripped out?? I take it people were moaning about it because they didn't know how to fish it? Lovely place aswel looks perfect. Well did.... Gutted
  3. That's the one mate. Learnt a lot from that pool only fished it the once. Going to give it another go soon if my syndi is still underwater
  4. Tell me about it I must have the jitters!
  5. just a few photos I took in 2012 while waiting for bites an boredom Think you can guess where all 3 are. Weather was terrible. Before the storm. Hope you enjoy.
  6. Thanks mate!. There's a funny story to that fish I was packing up only the rods left. We were on a double peg my mate was reeling in an my alarm went off ... Sorry dan I'm over your line mate think I've caught it bringing mine in but I'm sure he was no where near me ... FISH!! lol as i was reeling in he didn't believe me until it popped up
  7. I think I used all my luck up in one year! I expect to blank for the next 3 years straight with the odd bream
  8. Kidderminster mate near Birmingham ish. Most of the lakes I fish are in Oxford Cotswold etc etc
  9. It's been a while since I fished 6years nearly. I moved house in 2011 to the countryside an thought it was about time I got a new hobby. I'll dust off the old tackle an go give it a go I said. That soon turned into a full out carpy year ill never forget. 31lb 34lb 32lb 37lb I had to relearn everything this year rigs, bait, casting, weed, gear, New lakes, considering i only fished small pools When i was younger i had to learn quite a lot really. My PB was 19lb six years back. But I changed a lot as a person which also changed my fishing.. I did things out of my comfort zone. Learned things I didn't have time for. Things I wasn't good at. Things you think won't work. An trust me it does make you so much better not just fishing but also things in general an a person. 29lb 22lb 21lb My fav.. The common. There's a couple of my fav catches, pics of 2012. Thanks very much for looking
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