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  1. yep perfect sense, just walked it through in my head, thanks for the advice, look forward to putting it all into practice, cheers, loulou
  2. great stuff,that really helps , thanks,one more question, ive unclipped once my rods are set to allow the fish to run, let's say i lose a fish, reel in , rebait. Do i just pull line off the spool until i get to the mark on the line , clip up and reel in ? or cast to another bit of water, reel in to the mark and then bait up and re cast? thanks again, loulou
  3. Help please, Let's say i go to a new lake, find some silty weed free bottom, i spod my mix over the marker,then chuck my lines in over the top and line clip it in for the distance, bait up and cast again over the spot, question is do i leave my marker float in the water for future casts and how can i mark the line on the fishing rods to be able to cast the same distance again, hope i haven't over complicated what im trying to say, many thanks, Loulou
  4. hi everyone, anyone fished lynn y gors this year on the old carp lake, if so is it worth a visit or a waste of time? Also could anyone recommend a good venue for a 72 hour session, dont mind travelling a few hours from manchester. Many thanks, Loulou.
  5. hi Arl, thanks for the tip on the search,ill look on the web, i would like to be far enough away so i wont be asked to come home in a hurry, you know things like the electric has gone out..........how do it turn it back on? or can you put another fuse in my hair straighteners? haha ta louis
  6. Hello all, After a long break from fishing due to the addition of a family member i am now ready to wet the net again and hopefully feel a tight line on the rod, i have been given a weeks pass to go fishing and was looking to go for big fish and stay at the waters edge for atleast 3 to 4 days,i live in stockport and dont mind travelling 2 or 3 hours away to get the right place, would love to get your input please, Many thanks, Louis.
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