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  1. Yes, I know what your thinking "thats a bit much" but I bought it based on the diameter. The 16lb was .29 (I think) an I was a bit sceptical about the strength.
  2. Got back from our trip yesterday, it was a pretty successful one too. The line performed well, it was very supple, hardly any memory, sinks well an cast very well. I was a little nervous about casting with it at first but over the two days my confidence grew more and more, it worked well when I had a fish on the end too. I caught my pb this weekend a 20lb 6oz mirror, also had a few 15lb and a few 13lb too. Did want to stick a few pics up but not to sure how to. Overall very impressed with the line so far need to do a few more trips before I'm fully confident with it but I think it should be fine. [/img]
  3. I think I'm gona give it a try, for tge price I'll see how it works if it's no good in the bin. Got a 48hr tommorow so I'll get some spooled on for that an let you know how it goes.
  4. Thanks guys, I just want to be able to test this line if I get it. It sounds really good, but the diameter is pretty small which obviously makes me think it won't be too strong.
  5. Hi all, has anyone used pb products control mainline? I'm looking to buy the 24lb .35mm but can't find any reviews on it. Also can anyone tell me the beat way to test the breaking strain of a line? Cheers
  6. i'm no expert but i've been looking myslef and at the moment its between x-line and tigerline. tigerline seems the better but it does hold a price of £60 for 1000m. i'm unsure myself what to do yrt but at least its a couple more lines for you to look at.
  7. i think with the tiger line it would be about 400m (roughly). i have a spool of diawa sensor 15lb mono, im assuming then this would do the trick as backing?
  8. hi all, i've recently bought some shimano lc's and have been looking at tigerline fluro to spool them with, this stuff is £60 for a 1000m. that is a bit pricey so ive been reading up and seen that alot of people use line backing. Can anyone shed some light on this for me as ive only used backing on my fly reel. Is it worth me doin if so any recomendations on what backing to use. cheers guys
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