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  1. Ahh i see what your getting at now. Now i like that idea cheer chilly!! Next time i can sneak away from the mrs and kids, i give that a try. DO you fish the rivers much yourself? if so any luck?
  2. Hi guys, thanks for the replies. Did try to update before but my phone wasn't letting me. Chill factor - the tips higher worked a treat, found that the margin corner had the strongest flow so as long as the line cleared this I was fine. Just don't like this idea of how the presentation is when fishing high and tight. But needs must and all that. Any ideas on better presentation wouldn't go a miss, although this one will be more of a try it and see I believe! Salo - not USA based my friend, the eagle part is the palace in me Upstream is a no go and I'm on 3.5 flat pears, seem to be ok as long as the tips are high enough. But going to get some grippers as I'd be silly not too. Carpsoup - started beginning of this month and more than likely going to give it a good bash until next summer. There's some beasts in there Well apparently so. Had 4 fish and lost 1 in 2 sessions to just under 17lb...... 2 of which chub to just over 4lb. Not a bad bit of sport the chub, thought the bigger was a carp until just before the net. First time I've fished a river for carp. Fishing the Sussex Ouse by the way
  3. Hi guys, been down the river today but was having issues with line drag. Back leads didn't really do the job, also tried - tip under the water, tips high (not jim Shelley high though) although it was a pain in the bum still had a few fish out to just under 17lb. Have any of you had this before? How have you got round it? Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, Just wanted to hear your views on what bag to buy. Dont want to spend too much and have found - TF Gear X-Tuff Extreme Sleeping Bag 4/5 Season @ only £50 too seems like a steal. Anyone used/got one of these and can advise? cheers lads
  5. cheers for the reply Yeah i have asked, there just seem to be a lot of day tickets around here! the syndicates seem to be well hidden! I have found 1 but....its full, im on the waiting list though
  6. Hi to every1....new on here. I have been fishing alot of lakes around the east sussex area and want to start putting some time into 1 lake. Im looking to join a syndicate water...but i cant find one in my area! looking for 20's n up! does anyone know of any? live in Brighton so the closer the better! cheers
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