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  1. It seem it down to the fox supa and jrc stealth. I prefer the look of the supa, but would prefer the full system so is the supa space saving design, worth the extra £100-120 to the jrc stealth mk2 system which has the rear vents. I have never had a brolly shelter, so do the ribs get in the way that much? Thanks
  2. Hello Thanks for the suggestion, it seems the best ones to go for would be the jrc stealth or fox supa. Is this the mk II stealth you recommend as it has the add rear vents? How are brolly, when it comes to putting them up in strong winds? Thanks
  3. Hello I am looking to get a brolly or maybe another bivvy that will enable me to be more mobile, so will need to be put up and taken down quick and without too much hassle. I currently have a jrc sti rs bivvy but looking for something that little be easier and quicker to put up. I have have been mainly looking at brolly system like the fox supa and warrior systems, and also the nash hog. I am just wondering what one people can recommed, are the brolly systems stable in medium to strong winds and what it like putting them up in strong winds. thanks
  4. Hello Thanks for the idea, i did have a 3oz sea lead with the pongs, you just reminded me about using it, but i did find it was a bit slow as it didnt bring much weed back on very weedy areas, although this was using it on silkweed so it might be better on canadian maybe. Surely it would be possible to get a metal handheld rake and attach a ring to it then use that to cast in, wolf garden does one that has a hole ready for a ring to go in to but it made from plastic so i dont no whether this would stand up to the pressure etc.
  5. The majority of it is canadian, but there is the old bit of silkweed in the spots/area i am looking to clear, however most of the lake is covered in silk
  6. The spot i am looking to clear is just a bit too far to throw and use a telescopic rake, only real option is to get something i can cast in a few times to clear it and then i was gunna bait the spots up with particles etc, to help get it a little cleaner. I like the look of the AI ones as they have the extra prongs that might help grab that little bit extra weed, are they better than the gardner one? Or could i even fashion up a small homemade rake that i can cast, has anyone done this? thanks
  7. Hello Now the weather has been good for a little while more and more of my local lake is getting covered in canadian pondweed and silkweed, and it getting harder to find a clear spot. So i was planning on getting a weed rake to clear a few areas, then bait these areas with particles mix with boilies to help clear the spots that little bit better. What i was wondering is, what weed rake would be the most effiecient at cleaning out the weed, the gardner one or AI. Also in the mean time what are the better presentation to go with when fishing in heavy weed? thanks
  8. Thanks for the advice, So to fish semi slack, is it best to cast out and and let enough line off to get the line to lay on the bottom for a good percent of the distance fished, then once left to sink for 20-30min or sunken etc, turn the spool to take up the extra slack and then keep going till you put a slight curve in the line that drops down from the tip, that way you are fishing semi slack. Is it best to fish semi slack with rod tips high, slightly high, level or low? Secondary as i am fishing a weedy water with silt, lillies and few weed beds here and there, is there any way to fish a running lead that drop off, so it safe to fish in weed etc. thanks
  9. Hello Thanks for the suggestion to use snake bite, i managed to pick some up few days ago and at first glance it looks to be what i am looking for, (although could be a little stiffer maybe) and the colour looks fairly good aswell to fish in the weed. I havent had chance to fish with it yet but hopefully over next few days i will be able to. Do you fish it straight though, or strip a section back as it seems flexible enough to fish straight through? thanks
  10. thanks for the suggestion. the merlin and snake bite seem to come up a lot, even on other websites. What colour is the inner braid to the snake bite? is it supple but still have a little bit of stiffness to reset itself, and lastly how heavy is it, would you need sinkers on it to help pin it down thanks
  11. Hi Yer i have tried using sinkers on the n trap but it still loops up a fair amount, and was wondering if they was maybe another hook lenght out there that in between supernatural and n trap soft, that is suitable for weed fishing, and reset it self . thanks
  12. Hello What braids are you using currently whether they are coated or uncoated, especialy for fishing over weed/silt? I am looking for a new hooklink braid, one that sinks well, and doesnt stick up in a loop etc, and is supple enough to fish over weed but stiff enough to reset it. I am currently using supernatural but i feel this is a little bit too supple to reset it self, and have tried n trap soft but found that it would loop and sit funny over the weed etc. Has anyone gt any suggestion? thanks
  13. Hello thanks for the replies and suggestion, i think i will have to give semi slack lines a go. Has anyone got any tips advice on the best best way to set it up, like how tight do you need it is it best to have the tips high but not too high is it best to have a heavy lead on bobbin weight and drop etc Also would anyone recommend a heavier mainline to the nash d-cam? thanks
  14. Hello I have been fishing Slack lines now for a few years, but over the last few session i have done i have had a little bit more concern on the sensitivity of it as i only seem to get a few bleeps on the alarm, and not very good positive takes, and the fish seems to snag me up very quickly after the first indication, and i had a few weird pickups aswell and i was thinking that i may be missing or being done because of it. like i said i have been using slack lines for a few years and dont think i could go back to tight lines after seeing a tight line rig presentation in the margins. i am making sure i let plenty of line out give it plenty of time to sink and have rods tips up, i am also using lightest muddy water bobbins and nash d-cam mainline, ( i feel like i need to change to something more heavier) Can anyone give me any advice on how to inprove bite sensitivity, as i feel i maybe missing takes etc? Also any other tips of just how to make sure i set up slack line would be great? thanks
  15. Hello I am looking at getting a new carp cradle, and have a budget of around £50-60, i previously had the JRC hi care XL cradle, which was great but the sides werent very high and would fold over easy. I am looking for one with sides and a flap on the top, and one that is well padded and will be able to fit long fish, as it the lake im fishing has some long commons in. I have been looking at the chub xtra protection cradle, just wondering if this is a good mat to go with or is there anything better for my budget. thanks
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