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    Stiff Rigs

    Stiff hinged rig. Going to Marshside Fisheries, Chislet, Kent.
  2. donk01

    Stiff Rigs

    Okay, Thanks for the speedy reply. Going all night tonite so i,ll give that a try.
  3. donk01

    Stiff Rigs

    Hi all, Been a while since i posted on here.. Need some help with Stiff Rigs and D rigs please. I am a newbie to all this so please be gentle with me. Just made my first 2 stiff rigs. Now i do not have a clue how to connect the boillie to it. Please help
  4. Hi, Caught 12 fish at Tyler hill. Had a fantastic fishing trip and it was probably one of the best at this lake. Conditions were perfect although a bit hot and the fish were hungry. 5 Bream. 3 Common Carp 2 Mirror Carp 1 Roach 1 Tench All Carp averaged around the 6 pound size except for one of the Mirror,s that weighed in at 9 and a half pound. The Roach was nearly 2 and a half pound too. Great fish eh? All in all a great day. Hoping to fish Mansfields at Broad Oak , Canterbury tomorrow.(Friday 23/07/10).
  5. Hi all, I,m planning on fishing at Tyler Hill coarse fisheries near Canterbury in Kent on Monday, and Marshside Fisheries in Marshside near Herne Bay in Kent on Tuesday if anyone would like to join me. Tyler Hill opens at 7am and closes just before 9pm and at Marshside you can fish from when the sun comes up to when the sun goes down so thats 4am ish to 9.30 pm ish. Would appreciate the company..
  6. But, they do not stay on the hook/hair rig.. Same as sweetcorn????????????????????????????????
  7. Hi all, As stated in my previous threads i am quite new to this freshwater fishing and need some advise. I bought some tins of chic peas today and need to know what to do with them please. I bought them tinned and in salt water and need to know what to do with them. Do i use them straight from the tin or do i need to prepare them in some way. Please help as i,m fishing tomorrow. Regards Donk Moved to UK Bait and Bait Making BBJ
  8. Hi everyone, Can anyone of you experienced freshwater anglers tell me if fish have first and second stage spawning times please? I was fishing my local lake "Marshside Fisheries" at Chislet, near Canterbury and was told by the owner that it was very quiet as the fish were in there second stage of spawning. Is this correct as i thought that they only spawned once a year.. Please advise as i caught sweet FA. Thanks. Donk.
  9. I fish 4 times a week yes, but i only started still water fishing in January of this year and i feel that, as i,m virtually self taught i could use some help with regards to rigging/bait/ect... After all, nobody knows it all right and you cant put a price on knowledge.
  10. I fish 4 times a week most weeks. One of the lucky ones i guess eh? I,ve found that the usual baits such as Matrix plus boilies, Halibut pellets and meaty meal dog cubes for the surface have worked extremly well up untill recently. I,m not sure if spawning have affected the fishing but i assumed that after spawning the fish would be starving.. PLEASE HELP...After a couple of blank days i am desperately in need of some new bait ideas. I would like to know what would be the best hair rig bait out at the moment PLEASE
  11. Hi, I,m completely new to this freshwater/stillwater fishing game and was wondering how the hell you keep luncheon meat on the hair rig????? I,ve tried meat spike hair rigs, bigger boily stops and the only way i can keep it on is to PVA bag it... Please help.
  12. I,ve tried pepperami at several venues in the last week or so, and have had no success whatsoever.
  13. Thank you for a very speedy reply...I see i,m going to learn loads from this forum.Thanks again Donk
  14. Hi everyone, I,m a complete newbie to this forum and indeed a newbie to freshwater/lake fishing. I bought some method mix ground bait today and have no idea how to keep it in the swim/method feeder. Could someone tell me if i have to add water please?? It may seem like a silly question but as i say i,m completely new to all this fishing lark. But love it loads and cant get enough of it... Currently fishing 4 days a week. Donk.
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