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  1. has anyone fished around the hannover area. if so do you know if there are any big fish and also what tactics are bieng used. any tips at all would be much appreciated. :shock
  2. Me and a mate are planning on going up to coking farm lakes for a short session in the next couple of weeks.probably fish the woodland speciman lake.has anyone fished it recently and if so any pointers would be much appreciated
  3. thanks zammmo. going to a water next week so might give it a try. intrigued about the white choclate and strawberry. if theyre rubbish ill eat them
  4. she bought it from m&s. got to admit they tasted pretty good and might be worth a try. Also to zammo. did you use it in a bait mix or as a hook bait?
  5. can anyone tell me if popcorn is a safe bait and if so is it any good. my wife was eating strawberry and white chocalate flavoured popcorn the other night and got the mind racing. also if it is good salty or sweet
  6. hi guys. i went out yesterday and done some spodding for the first time. i used i khorda skyliner and my mix was mainly hemp,sweetcorn,kidneybeans and crushed boilies. problem is that i seemed to lose half my mix in the air. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong. cheers
  7. cheers guys. i thought you changed it every couple of hours.im away fishing tomorrow so ill giver it a shot
  8. hi guys im new to carp fishing so this might sound like a daft question. can anyone tell me how long you leave your boilie on the rig before changing it. do boilies lose thier flavour in the water and if so after how long.also whats the ideal size of boilie to use. iv been on 20mms but feel they are too big.
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