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  1. does anyone have any tips on fishing at cromwell? thanks danny
  2. any one have any good places to night fish in Chesterfield area or Nottingham area? thanks
  3. could any one give me any good carp night lakes in or around chesterfield please as iv just moved here and the pond i was looking at has had a load of bad feed back thanks danny
  4. thanks. do you no anywhere good to night fish in the chesterfield area?
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    Hi every one i want to know does the line chose and colour make a differnce wearher you catch or blank 3 months ago i brough a roll of 15 pound cammo line and it just dont do the bussiness i dont get a knock or anything the rig i use is simple line tied to a braded hair rig then 2 foot back a weight and a clear ledger bomb always worked before can any one help please thanks
  6. try covert springs on eppersion bye pass its only day fishing not night belnuim pond thats up between battleys cash and carry and coop wearhouse in bullwell there is a pond out to wards gratham on the a52 behind the vale of belvior pub thats only day fishing theere is some ponds in fiskerton of the a1just south of newark columber park lake never tryed there but sounds good and there is sherwood farm park near edwinstow if i think of any more ill repost hope this helps
  7. hi there, does anyone have any contact details for higham farm because i am thinking of trying it out next week? and tips would be helpful too? Danny
  8. hi there does anyone have any contact details for higham farm fishery near chesterfield due to landline number not working? danny
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