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  1. cheeky sod, what about a ginger lefty
  2. i can safely say i will not be reeling right handed as i know that just wouldnt work when playing a fish as im so set to using clutch etc with left hand. oh joy
  3. yeah its probably a common lefty thing i guess but last thing i want now is to let it get in the way of my fishing. next time out i'll have a mess about with a spare rod and see whats what
  4. I'm left handed (dominant side) for writing, use mouse in right. tennis left, cricket right, golf right (all back in the day) etc etc. For casting i'm right handed (hold rod and feather cast with right hand, play fish right hand) and reel with the left as this just seems normal or "comfortable". Now its bugging me as this all came about as i couldnt cast far enough on my new lake and it cheesed me off im sure i could cast further casting left handed but in my head that would all be back to front feathering cast etc and i would have to put rod in right hand anyway to wind with left hand. if giving it the big un right now my left foot should be forward as im casting right handed but it feels natural to put my right foot forward and my left be the standing leg. i guess i need to get down lake and give it a try or am i just over complicating the whole thing and just forget about it as i've caught plenty as i am. surely some others have the same thoughts? Cheers Gav
  5. Beat me to it! Ian how do you mean? Break offs from other anglers catching on to your rig as the fish swims by. ah right, yeah i guess thats a possibility, does make u wonder what gets dragged around
  6. Beat me to it! Ian how do you mean?
  7. i was thinking it myself, maybe there were 1 or 2 but some of these were stripping line off my reel (which always makes me smile )
  8. i already top off with popup corn (diff colours and flavours) not sure how much that really helps but must be a tad more buoyant than just a standard bottom bait
  9. I always check the hook point, paranoid about it now after Danny Fairbrass.... only ever had two bluntish hooks using Nash since last year and i still refuse to believe that these wouldn't go into a carps lip in any case. as for the hair, i'll give it a try. the carp clearly love the paste so not going to give up just yet
  10. yeah i agree, i think they are just grabbing the bait and maybe that is why i caught a few doubles as their mouths were maybe bigger to get the whole lot in??? i may try using some 15mm baits and paste as that would take it back upto the same sort of size then. never had a problem with 18mm and my Nash hooks so maybe that is the answer.
  11. Hi all, I used paste for the first time on Saturday. Caught 6 decent carp, 3 doubles. now i had around 20 takes in all throughout the day, proper screamers but when i tightened up there was an initial resistance like a fish on and then the line went slack. I had an 18mm cell boilie wrapped in paste so am i to assume that it was just picked up and dragged with the hook not going into the mouth or am i just plain unlucky? nothing worse than the alarm screaming and not hooking anything any hints tips would be appreciated cheers
  12. i use the 16lb and it is best line bar none. sinks well and stuff is solid, good knots and unlikely to break with big carp. i caught 67.9lb sturgeon and line coped like a dream all opinion i guess though as others will say its rubbish no doubt. i'll never change this line anyway I had a 49lb Cat on the 12lb stuff, dragging the line along the top of a massive gravel bar, and it didn't fail. speaks volumes for the line doesnt it
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