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  1. great start too the season fished a marginal tree line pukka well chuffed .
  2. yeahhh thats understandable you can probably tell by my name thats my favourite way of fishing always got too fish the margins . what lakes are fishing ok?.
  3. has anyone fished there recently and if so how is the lakes fishing ?
  4. Sorry about the lack of punctuation , my mate had the thirty .lol ermm i caught that fish under a willow fished about 2 and a half rod lengths out few pellet and boilies scattered around . On the standard korda lead clips with esp tubing , on carp company amino acid .
  5. haha yeah true just that night had the roughest sleep ever mate had a thirty in the night so wass veryyy tired
  6. yeahh i agreee i ahte recasting but sometimes can produce, like the other day i fished linear fisheries oxford and one rod i left out the whole time 16 hours later a run, whereas the other one i was trying too find the fish but nothing note i lost the fish that run a very weedy lake hook pulled.
  7. A tricky one here as you want the bait to be settled but how often should you recast?..
  8. lol yeah i know whatyou mean, but i got respect for that fish its a well known fish in that lake theycall it scaley i been told it over 20-30 years old.
  9. I Was Fishing My Local Lake Under A willow Tree It Produced THis Lovely One Of 2 Fish In THe Day Session 23.12lb Nice .
  10. I was Just wondering if anyone has ever fished there, i have never fished it was thinking of going on pit 2 any ideas on swims or baits ? Moved to UK Where to Fish BBJ
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