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  1. Thanks for your replies guys which have been very helpful. I think I may go for the micro as it makes sense to be able to add weight rather than having too much.
  2. I am thinking of updating my bite indication to the new Gardner bug range. However, I am not sure which indicator to buy, the micro or the mini. I fish small lakes where no distance fishing is required and I don't tend to fish slack lines. Can anyone advise which one would be best please?
  3. I did wonder if anyone would pick up on the wording for my header!! Regarding the 'nut', I am sure if you contacted Trakker they would be able to provide you with one. It would be worthwhile just to give you that extra security once the brolly has been assembled.
  4. I am looking to purchase an Avid Carp Limited Edition hoodie online as I dont have any dealers near to where I live. They come in the 'normal' sizes M/L/XL etc but I can't find any exact details regarding the actual chest sizes in inches. I have enquired at several online stores and got conflicting information with various sizes being quoted for the same size hoodie (Large). Has anyone got one of these hoodies that they can provide further size details for please as I don't want to order one then have the hassle of returning it. [/url]
  5. I have the Trakker brolly system that generally is a great piece of kit with the option to zip in the front section. However, I continously find that when intitially putting the brolly section up it does not click into place as easily as I think it should. It does eventually stay up during day sessions but I am not confident that it would remain so during a strong wind. Am I doing something wrong as there doesn't appear to be anything else that I can do other than to hold the green button in and release it once it is above the section where it sits in place?
  6. I am thinking of making my own boilies for the first time. As an alternative to making them the night before or having to freeze them, can they be placed in a suitable dip/soak/glug and kept for a week or two before using them?
  7. Hi I'm looking to buy some new rods as back up to my Shimano Alivio rods. I am on a budget and due to work can only get to the lake occasionally so am not looking for top of the range kit. I noticed on ebay that you can buy 3 x TF Gear Banshee rods for around £85.00 new. I have not used this make before so can anyone offer any views, good or bad please. Thanks
  8. Thanks for the replies guys. I have not heard of using Vitalin before so I googled it and it seems to be popular and is the topic of this and other fishing forums. The only issue that seems to arise is that some people have a problem getting the right consistency. What is your advice on mixing it right so that it sticks long enough to reach the lake bed?
  9. I am thinking of using the new ESP mega method feeder at my local lake as an additional option. I know that there are lots of bait options for this type of fishing, but can anyone recommend a good proven mix that I could try?
  10. I saw an interesting advert in the latest edition of Total Carp magazine for ACE Kickers. This preshaped tubing can replace shrink tubing and the need to steam shape as this fits straight over the hook. What particularly interested me was the 'pop-up' version that shows a yellow plastic clip that is pushed into the boilie and simply slides over the hook via a small eye and is retained by a small stop bead. I have tried to find out what these are called and where they can be purchased but could not find anything on the ACE website. Does anyone know what I am referring to? I was going to insert a picture on here but don't know how to do this, sorry!!
  11. My mainline is gardner 15lb and i use the basic knotless knot on all my rigs. Hi Zander1, thanks for your help and advice, I will upgrade to the higher BS braid.
  12. My mainline is gardner 15lb and i use the basic knotless knot on all my rigs.
  13. Hi Zander1, I have been using the Sufix Heavy Skin, 5KG, 20m 10lb. Would 15lb to 20lb be better?
  14. Thanks for your replies and advice guys, it has been useful. Can anyone recomend a good reliable hooklink braid that you have used without problem. I was thinking of using the Korda N-Trap soft coated braid.
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