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  1. messingham sands is good on the day ticket seems to produce carp all year long, my pb is 18lb.2oz in november, pond at beverley yon side of the bridge risby i think fishes well £6 for one rod...... one in burstwick, tried elsham not a sniffle all day, night fisherman hadn't caught either(august)hope this helps
  2. thanks for all your replies helped immensly, you guessed i was new lol thanks again
  3. has to be strawberry boilie, left in glug for a week, does the trick as a stand alone all the time
  4. fished my local pond at weekend, caight 2 fair size carp, (boilies) opposite was an old guy dragging the carp in one after another, unreal using a large lump of bread, no float just casted his line out, now everytime i tried hooking bread, (uncut loaf crust)bread kept coming off after been attacked by the carp has anyone any idea how you keep the bread on a hook without it falling off, this old guy made it look so so easy,, (im new to fishing so please no fancy fishing words) cheers wait anxiously..........paul scunny
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