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  1. a friend of the father got this , dad rushed him to hospital , doc said if you had not have brought him in when he did he would have died, not good to catch, im sure, next time ya go fishing take some r.a.t bait smothered in killer since our water boards cut down on expendature budget back in the year 2000, hence the over population
  2. messingham sands is good on the day ticket seems to produce carp all year long, my pb is 18lb.2oz in november, pond at beverley yon side of the bridge risby i think fishes well £6 for one rod...... one in burstwick, tried elsham not a sniffle all day, night fisherman hadn't caught either(august)hope this helps
  3. thank you all for your advice and guidance, yes i have done a bit of homework over the past few weeks, but you hear so many different anglers opinions on carp fishing its a bit to take in, tried boilies (not bad) fresh baits shrimp etc etc, had some good results 13.2 pb 6 weeks fishing, but then came to a blank spot thought i was doing something wrong, kind of got it with the baits etc hemp etc just the layout were the fish may be, but thanks again for your help, good advice is better than none,
  4. well give us a clue on what to look for and why, sure helps without reading hundreds of post
  5. hi just thought i would open a new thread for all you pro's wanting to help all us newbies to catch the big carp, secret bait, tips, etc....... would be more than helpfull for us all, thanks in advance guys.... and gals...?
  6. thanks for all your replies helped immensly, you guessed i was new lol thanks again
  7. just started fishing some 6 weeks ago, there is a local guy at the pond,(messingham sands) every time i go i see him pulling in no less than 30+ fair sized carp, asked and tried his method, summer time he caught no less than 111 yes 111 carp off the top using pedigree chum mixers, now i tried for two hours same line same size 12 or 14 hook , 8lb maximus line+ controller float, in the end i got it bait bands clear, hook behind the biscuit on hair, he came over and gave me a few pointers, he has 3 feeding spots gets the fish into a feeding frenzy then bang one after another, a true pro at his game i caught 7 using the method, he cast past were he put some biscuits out not to close line length past his clear controller float 7ft, wips his rod down into the water to tighten line and flick up the biscuit, then slowly reels in the biscuit bang another one, he is well known by all the match fisherman that come from miles around all intreeged by how many he catches, wind behind you is best(his words)hope this helps you guys get the nack has it takes some practice, i have tried and still trying, 0.19 to 22 line 6ft + away from your float 12 to 14 hook always behind your biscuite (dont see it when reeling in slowly, throw plenty out 1st to build confidence, then your away, keep plenty thrown in even when catching, good luck and tight lines (watch out for the ducks,,,,,,,, went fishing same method 8th nov cold weather, same guy pulled in 39 over 6 hr period awesome
  8. has to be strawberry boilie, left in glug for a week, does the trick as a stand alone all the time
  9. fished my local pond at weekend, caight 2 fair size carp, (boilies) opposite was an old guy dragging the carp in one after another, unreal using a large lump of bread, no float just casted his line out, now everytime i tried hooking bread, (uncut loaf crust)bread kept coming off after been attacked by the carp has anyone any idea how you keep the bread on a hook without it falling off, this old guy made it look so so easy,, (im new to fishing so please no fancy fishing words) cheers wait anxiously..........paul scunny
  10. hi been using liquid for years, buying hemp in bulk,£24 delivered 20kg (groundbait) strawberry essence from morrisons 59p make my own boilies have done for years well before they came mass produced, fish in my view anyway have not gone off the attractants i use if anything they are more accepted, carp change with the times, , now if you said is catching carp on wd 40 dangerous deffo, they go for it as tempting smell, some fisheries accept boilies some dont, say the same for tiger nuts , varies from pond to pond you will get a different review off so many different anglers no one truly knows the ultimate bait hey but a few are nearly there
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