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  1. When i fished it we used the cell.... that was getting pumped in but no good for us. i think there was 1 fish out in 5 days!! Far side near the telephone pilon and along those reeds seems a nice spot, i think there is a little drop off about a rod length out half way down, but check it with the marker. Not sure about any other spots as only fished it once in one swim. Good luck!
  2. i dont use it, i was about to ask the same question... the picture i posted was just one off the net.. not my own rig. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hi guys, was just playing around making the multi rig (johnny mac rig).. as you all know(hopefully) there should be a hinge in it, in the form of a coated back bit of braid just below the figure of eight knot.... i haven't really used this rig, but i really want to give it a go, for pop ups ans bottom baits as its something a bit different.. So this question could be perceived as cheating as i should really get myself down the bank and try it out for myself.... (I will overtime) but i need to start somewhere... The Question: In this rig, or any rig that contains a hinge, how far should this be from the hook? Let me know what you think or what works best from your own experiences. Regards Tom [/img]
  4. Particles? Although its not a rare method so other anglers will most probably be using it,but can be very effective... Fake corn on the hook, then a spod mix of hemp and other no nut particles.. or even soak it in salty water and make up PVA bags. Hope this helps. Tom
  5. Hey, Every week, i drive back from my uni(hertfordshire) to my home in essex. I always notice all these different stretches of water by the side of the road! Well finally, curiosity got the better of me and decided to trace my route on google earth! came across this lake! did some research but details are abit dated.. (2008 was the latest i could find) Any one fish on this water? from what i gather its syndicate/part of a club. What it like? Does any one know the price of the tickets? Just being curious! i think its well out of my league for now, but if the site info's correct then its random lottery of 50 anglers per season! so mite start early on the waiting list! Regards Tom
  6. Ah sorry nick, wasn't thinking . I will be sure to do that thanks.
  7. Hi guys, just a quick question/random post. Still deciding on a club to join for the season ahead:) This will be my first season belonging to a club. But how do you know which one to pick? There are 3 overlapping where i live. (CAA, BDAC and CAPS) You only get a certain feel for the lakes, but this is limited to website photos and catch reports. You can't look at the lakes because there padlocked. I guess what im trying to get at is, if you cant view the lakes, do you go by looks of pictures or convenience. Thoughts please! Regards Tom
  8. Hi guys, im thinking about joining BDAC, at the moment you can pay for next season and fish the rest of this season for absolutely nowt Sounds good to me.. I live in essex and its a choice between BDAC, CAPS(Colchester) and CAA(Chelmsford). I did like the look of CAPS,but ive heard its always busy on the decent waters, and im still yet to hear much of CAPS.. So i guess im just looking for feedback on all of these clubs, and if anyone is or have been a member to any of these clubs, let me know:D I really cant decide! I will look in to location, etc, but feedback from anglers would be nice to hear to help me decide:) Thanks Tom
  9. Hi guys i did a 36 hour session on the specimen two lake on thursday through to friday night on the "Beach Swim". Unfortunately i blanked. But to be honest with you, i was speaking to all the other anglers and no one had any fish out, one bloke had been there for 3 days prio to me and had none! Not sure why, there was plenty of activity, fizzing, bubbling etc and even fairly large fish showing them selves by splashing/rolling on top of the water. Nether the less, i will be back hopefully in the next few weeks:) if any one else has gone/is going, let me know how you get on:) Regards Tom
  10. walked around the venue today! very nice, and not too busy, 1 person on the biggest lake and about 4 on the middle lake. thinking of doing a 36 hour session there next week with a friend. speaking to the owner? i believe, very friendly. Apparently there having it on the CELL in the bigger lake at the moment. good job im about to order 10kg of it:D haha but reading from posts above, alot of people are blanking, is it worth going for 36 hours? ive heard most people blank of there first go.. But it be a challenge in guessing
  11. are you talking about NRG? or any mainline? also do you know much about air drying? if i ordered 10kg air dried do i have to use them all up quickly? or can u refreeze? sorry for all the questions
  12. is there the ultimate mainline boilie? or is it down to personal preference? whatever bait it is, if you got hungry carp then surely there gonna scoff it either way?! what do you think? Regards Tom
  13. Was looking in to doing a session here in a few weeks time. (Little horseshoe) Any one got any tips? ie hot swims, bait, etc. Would you say this is easier than the regular horseshoe? Ive seen horseshoe on a few on korda dvd's. Looks massive! What kind of distance should you be able to cast? Am i outta look? i dont think i could top 60 yards at the moment.. Also, ive only got two rods and a spod/marker rod. Would you bother fishing it? As i could imagine a majority of people who fish it with 3 rods. Also on the pricing page, there is no 2 rod option only 3. Or am i talking nonsense Cheers.
  14. will do! just fancy somewhere nice! i know it sounds silly. but a nice venue with good fishing! somewhere just to get away too!
  15. Hi guys me and my mate want to go and do a 48hour session in the next couple of weeks. I've never done anything longer than a day, but i'm definately up for it. The only problem is I'm not sure where to go! We both have cars so transport is not an issue. We were thinking about the yately complex which is about 2hours drive from us in Chelmsford, Essex. But I've heard it gets pretty busy.. Does any one have any good suggestions? Looking for a decent lake and decent fish would be nice:)(of course) and preferably one that won't be too busy. Regards Tom
  16. im thinking of booking up a 48 hour session there before i head back to uni! heard some good reviews about it. Is sandhurst the best lake? due to the fact its got 40's in there? whats the second best for a big head of 20;s and a few 30's? Thanks
  17. havent been yet! plus im not a member so i can only do day tickets. having a lot of success on my local water at the moment so dont want to change Good Luck!!
  18. Hi guys just wondering if any one has fished this lake? I know it used to be day ticket and then moved over to syndicate, but my local tackle shop have made an agreement with the owner to allow day tickets to be issued with the agreement of the owner. I looked round it the other day and was quite suprised how small it was for the size of fish in this lake. If any one has fished it , are there many features under the water? As there is only 1 small island in the corner. I'm not trying to be lazy and not doing any markering when I get there, just curious Is it a hard lake? It looked very pressured? when I was there. Alot of lines in the water in a small area. Thanks Tom
  19. well after finding it.. i parked in the car park which is away from the lodge.(didn't know about the lodge until an angler told me to check it out) so from that car park walked as far as we could right-where the 3 anglers were..( i presume because the wind was blowing in to that bay area??) and then came back up to the car park and walked down the paths off to the left through a woodland type area. Then drove over to the lodge and parked up there and walked around there.. that side was empty.. i mite give it a go on a day ticket, its fairly cheap. COULD be lucky, you never know haha. Tom
  20. hi guys. me and a friend went to this lake today, (as you do,, randomly drive to different lakes throughout essex on a sunday haha) anyways we had a good look round the whole venue, was very impressed with the size! and yet there didnt seem to be that many people fishing, perhaps 3 tops.. but from what ive heard from on this forum and from a feller angler fishing today (who was very nice and polite, although didnt catch his name) this lake is tough. is there any point fishing it on a day ticket? because i heard it can take a number of days for the carp to come across your bait...(so obviously a day ticket wouldnt be long enough and also only ticker holders can night fish) or would you bit the bullet and get a ticket? i think i was told its £199 for the first year.. although i wouldnt get one for this season but maybe the next.. let me know what you think. day ticket or no point? has anyone had much success on day tickets? Regards Tom
  21. hey not sure if this is what you want to hear but i use party mix from the big tubs. get a bucket- add some party mix and pellets and SUNFLOWER OIL. let it all soak in on the bank for no less than 1 hour and its good to go put the bag on the hook, dont thread the rig through the bag - this way if you put too much oil in, less pva has to melt off your rig hope this helps if not then sorry
  22. When I fished I went left after the Gate and round the corner fishing to the edge of the island. I used fusion pulse dumbells over a pva bag mix! But nothing.. What bate did you use? Thanks
  23. Has any one fished this venue?(mainly the big lake) i went the other week and had a blank session and was pretty gutted:( first in a long time! any one got any good tips? and general thoughts/experiences about this venue would be appreciated. Regards Tom
  24. hey, well you go off the roundabout and then take the same exit as the golf course and its the on the right hand side. slightly parallel to the golf course.. fished it?
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