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  1. Cheers Bones, You have made me panic now, did I really use the term "Quick Overnighter"? I may have to re-read it again but I'm sure I didn't. I do try to use different language that you wouldn't normally see in other blogs and articles, to try stand mine out from the rest. Sometimes though the used and abused fishing phrases are the best for the job. Thanks for taking the time to read again, and good Luck with your fishing tomorrow. Regards Luke
  2. New post going up soon guys. Keep your eyes on the blog
  3. Polepot, what has happened here I think is disgusting TBH. If its any consolation I'm happy to give you some tuition for free as long as you come to a Norfolk water?
  4. Many Thanks for the feed back bones46. You are right the topless shot probably don't add a professional look to the blog, I shall leave them out in future. As far as the name goes it will be staying the same, already have quite a few people commenting about the blog on various social media sites and I think it would only add to confusion if i was to change it now.
  5. Afternoon all. I have recently just started up my own Carp blog (not another one I hear you cry) but thought I would add the link here so any interested people could read it. Let me know what you think, please be honest, I can take constructive criticism. http://cantcarpjustcamp.blogspot.co.uk/
  6. Yes wimps. I would have definitely fished even if i had to wait into dark for it to die down, and then put the water proofs on.
  7. Loving this thread, I think this is something that as carp fisherman we all wonder. Although for me trying to find a fishable non-commercial venue in norfolk that might hold a few gems is hard. so I guess I can only fish what I know here which is not always as exciting as the unknown
  8. First of all im sorry if this topic already exists, i tried to use the search function but got about 700 topics come up none of which was anything to do with halls pit. Anyway I was just looking for a bit more info on it if anyone has some? Anyone else fished it? Gonna probably give it a go this year just to fill some time before I get my bawburgh ticket. Anyway thanks in advance
  9. I personaly wouldn't use 2 kilo of tigers either on a weekend session, that would last me nearly a summer. I never knew of the carp having trouble with a vitamin in tigers either, I thought that they just get full on them very quickly hence why we are all told and follow suit to only use a few round the hook. Im sure someone who has caught as many fish as terry has knows what there doing.
  10. burfield isnt exactly a small water. 2 kilo's in 100 odd acres isnt that much.
  11. Ok so tiger nuts can they be used throughout winter? I understand that there is no Nutritional value to them but the carp still seem to eat them in the summer so how about the winter? Could there be anything I could add to them during the soaking or cooking stage or even after that may boost there nutritional value to make them more acceptable throughout the winter?
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