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  1. they feed better in the autumn and spring........ but i love winter......... biggest weights, beauiful colours and near empty banks.
  2. wilfster

    she was pretty

    that is a very nice carp mate. shes a stunner. HOWEVER................ your handles on your reels are all over the place, so although the carp is a cracker you lose points for squwiff handles.
  3. for saying that a high number of anglers blank yearly and you've had 2 in 100 hrs hours i say you doing ok.
  4. angling is hard this time of year with high temps and pressures mate. so much natual food knocking about. stick at it pal, autumn is round the corner.
  5. love that little tree sticking out the water, very yately-esque
  6. a little off subject, but with greys/chub carp rods it happens all to frequently. wished people would realize that the lifetime replacement isn't a deal, it just pays to replace a sub-standard with a new sub-standard section. your just paying for the cheap section, which has a very high chance of breaking again.
  7. outwitted mate or been very lucky through either not feeding due to not needing to eat my bait or my rig not suiting the type of feeder(mouthing, suck-blow) i doubt that when we get a run that that was the first time the rig has entered that actual fishes mouth. ok an example, fishing the chod, the hook is in the perfect place to prick fish mouthing the bait but due to lack of bait seperation and shortness of rig makes it easy to spit, where the carp ment to or not, a suck-blow feeding fish would'nt even get the rig in its mouth, outwitted me????? nar mate just lucky. when anglers get it right and we catch were brilliant anglers, when we dont the fish are clever, not the fact that we have got it wrong.
  8. we have no proof, but i think that to even believe carp are working as a team to ping lines, rigs etc is absolute madness, were talking about fish here gentlemen with a brain the size of a 20mm boilie. you'd maybe be able to teach the odd dog to do this, but not all, and come on dogs are very clever animals. they may of circled the area, all wild animals are at there most cautious when feeding, watch rabbits, deer etc feed, there edgey, thats when there most suspseptible to danger. they may not of gone staight down on the bait as they'd just feed??????? fishing is difficult this time of the year due to the lake being alive with natural food sources, they have been eating this for maybe a 100.000 years, its in there nature to feed on this, probably why they were not straight on the bait.
  9. congratulations on the new p.b. bluebell. bet you had a right smile on your face when you slipped the net under that.
  10. oh o mate. your gonna get told off when one of the almighty powerful mods see that you aint searched for "what hook" threads. grab your tin hat and run for cover.
  11. lightly steam over a kettle on the bank.
  12. did you use alot of tape to tie them off. bet this is leaving the residue behind as i have found in the past.
  13. is it in the area where you have tied the bag off? also, did you tie it off with pva tape?
  14. that a wicked picture.
  15. would bi-corbonate of soda work as that absorbs smells. maybe a watered down mixture/solution or rubbing your hands in it.
  16. wilfster

    we won the match

    nice one mate and congratulations. that little mirror in the top picture is gorgeous,
  17. Not really as he said he switched the snakebite to mono and then caught 2 fish, so im guessing he had rod in same place. I think snakebite pretty rubbish to be honest. Its really thick and stands out like a sore thumb. But i imagine you caught because mono is less visable than snakebite. Keep it simple and just concentrate on watercraft. nah mate, just wasn't fish over his spots. it really is that simple. there is a science to rigs and how they behave differently to different fish that feed in a different manner, but generally i feel that we dont get sussed like alot of the time we believe, more like they got away with it through feeding the way they do naturally or they just weren't feeding. granted that braid can stand out more than mono due to the fact that braid allows no light to pass though it, but seeing everything is one thing and knowing what your seeing is another.
  18. because you had your rig in the right place at the right time when fish were feeding. SIMPLES
  19. smell is a very personal thing and hard to discribe from one to another, but............ i think it smells like a mixture of coffee and dog food.
  20. why freeze them they will last donkeys, how long you think they have been made and been in storage before they get put on the shelf
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