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  1. Ok thank you, abd do you no any food grinders that will do a kilo up?
  2. hi to all, just a quick one, does anybody know how to make/produce tiger nut flour? if any one could answer this question that would be great.
  3. I were going to do a night session Thursday and Friday but, unfortionatlly it was peeing it down with rain so me and my Dad are going to fish today in the snow. The lake were going to is in Waltham Abbey and is called Holyfield carp lakes, thankfully tho they have pumps that keep the waves pushing on the lake so its not froze. Hopefully not a blank anyway. Dylan
  4. Just thinkin of fishin burrows farm fishery and just wonderin if anyone has fished it latley and just wonderin if anyone knows the prices and any useful tips cheers Dylan
  5. Last winter I was using 10mm mainline tutti frutti pop ups on a korda size 12 choddy b hook with esp stiff rig material on lead core and had 2 carp in January on a new lake. But this winter I'm gonna be using mainline cell boilies as the feed and a critically balanced cell hook bait. Dylan
  6. Cheers fellas, some nice comments you gave and i'll have another piece up soon
  7. In this piece I will be talking about a very nice 20lber I had not too long ago. About three months ago me and my dad decided to go for a short day session down at Holy Field Carp Lakes in Waltham Abbey. We set up at bottom lake near the water pump and it was the rods that went out first, then everything else was down. I had one rod at the pump and the other in the corner where the lillies lay. My Dad had one of his rods to the other side of the pump and then the other to a little over hanging tree. With no fish crashing and it being very cold where we were someone was leaving so within no time we decided to move into that spot where it was nice and sunny. I had already decided where I was going to position both of my rods and that was half a foot in front of some reeds and the other under neath a willow tree and my Dads rods were going out into the middle of the lake. Within five minutes my bobbin shot up to the bite alarm and the tip of the rod bending ever so much, so I struck at it and there it was a very hard fighting Carp on the end. It shot off in to the middle of the lake but then started to swim back to me, within no time I had a lovely 20lb Mirror Carp in the net. Dad and me prepared everything on the bank and then broke the net apart and rolled it up. We put her straight into the weigh sling and weighed her. She came to 27lb, a few pictures were taken and then she was put back nice and safely. You know what they say "It pay's to move".
  8. Hi to all, just wondering if anyone has fished walthamstow number 1 reservior this winter? fishing it for my first time next weekend, but I don't know what baits, rigs and parts of the lake to fish. was thinking of taking cell cork ball pop ups to fish on a chod rig, with a scatering of cell aroud it. But if anyone knows anything thats working better on there, then please reply to this. Dylan.
  9. Hi all, Ive started to make my own boilies and I just want to know how can I make my own boilie flavours? If anyone can help then that would be great. Dylan
  10. Hi all, I'm just wondering how long would I airdry boilies for? I'm gonna be making 10-15 kilos at a time. Dylan
  11. Ive been fishing at a new lake and for my first fish it was a 15lb common carp, 15lb common dylan
  12. Spod mix: - half a kg - 1 kg of hemp - a handful of maize - a handful of boilies - a handful of crushed boilies - a tin of tuna in oil - 3 - 4 handfuls of 4mm pellets in oil Stick mix: - grinded boilies - grinded pellets - a fine ground bait - tuna in oil - a fishy liquid (mainline salmon & shrimp flavour) Dylan
  13. Hi to all, I was just wondering if I am able to use plain flour for making boilies? Dylan.
  14. Got back from an over nighter and was soaked, but I managed to bag 9 fish.
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