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  1. Just thinkin of fishin burrows farm fishery and just wonderin if anyone has fished it latley and just wonderin if anyone knows the prices and any useful tips cheers Dylan
  2. Hi to all, just wondering if anyone has fished walthamstow number 1 reservior this winter? fishing it for my first time next weekend, but I don't know what baits, rigs and parts of the lake to fish. was thinking of taking cell cork ball pop ups to fish on a chod rig, with a scatering of cell aroud it. But if anyone knows anything thats working better on there, then please reply to this. Dylan.
  3. korda curve shank size 8, I find that they just work.
  4. i hav'nt got the match dates, but i was just wondering how old do you have to be to enter their matches? because its my local lake and i feel like trying out a match or two.
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