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  1. Jesus you could go out to the reefs and catch kingies on those reels.... What size carp are you catching?
  2. Probably sound ignorant but what's maize? I,m always looking to drop the bait bill.....
  3. Why waste time and money......... Just go down to your local shops and get a can of corn kernals.
  4. Trying to put up a photo......
  5. Went down to parra river last week because i got rained of at work and nothing better to do. Anyway i started around 12pm and finished at dusk caught 12 carp all over 600mm and they where going off like marlin when i was setting the hook i put it down to the oxygenated water. Great session and i'll be back this weekend. Cant figure out how to upload images anymore so any advice would be appreciated.
  6. I myself fish with 8lb to 10lb traces for any carp, not as many hits with the heavy lines but quality fish when they do take it.
  7. Also mac if your local and want to go for a fish in that area, i've got spare rod alarms and the like just send me a pm to know when your keen.
  8. I think i use hair rigs, thats bait under an exposed hook right? Anyway my rig consists of 10lb trace 1m in length my bait is fished under an exposed no 8 snell, then tied of to my 6lb main line.
  9. Just good old corn on a hair rig mate, i don't use any complicated methods. And i'm getting them out of the canal near the cbd in parra.
  10. Yeah i always take my camera with me its as important as bait, all i have to do now is figure out how to post them again. It's been a while
  11. Got sick of flicking lure's over the summer so i thought i'd get some carping in last saturday, got to parra around lunch time and in 3 hours had 4 fish averaging 9kgs.
  12. Going down to the parramatta river this afternoon, anyone on here keen for a fish?
  13. I used to go out and buy expensive flurocarbons but found something a hell of alot cheaper and out fished it. Now don't laugh till you've tried it but its stocked at your local Bigw store, Jarvis Walker Quality mono 6lb 1400m for under $5. Don't shy off it because of the breaking strain either i've caught 15lb fish in difficult conditions on this stuff without a problem. Good luck with the fishing.
  14. Also mate if your still in the sydney area on sat the 16th i can show you a good spot in the parramatta area where your sure to catch at least one around 5 - 9kgs. Reply tonight if your keen. Cheers
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