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  1. A rummage through my tackle box,has revealed 16 packets of hooks. Just in case!
  2. Fluorocarbon "D" rig fished with a wafter,hook flat on the deck, with the bait hovering over the hook, Second choice is old school long hair rig. So far this year I have had 3 fish on each, so i am none the wiser.
  3. My partner enjoys coming along,but the extra preparation, has to be seen to be believed. Spare shoe's,spare shoe's to replace the spare shoe's, bowls to wash in,bowls to wash up in,mirror's for hair repair,(she didnt believe i didnt normally carry one)!! Breakfast up the cafe,is usually lunch by the time she is ready. Wouldn't change her for a PB though!
  4. I hope he can make this work,at least he is trying to do something. Does anyone fancy being a MP for carp fishing,Apparently, you can fiddle you're expenses without worrying too much about getting caught.
  5. Human nature when it's eyes' on the prize. I think,if you are unlucky enough,to have to fish day ticket waters' then you are going to run into a large cross section of the "general public", who perhaps,bring their street behaviour to the bankside. So glad I don't fish day ticket waters anymore.
  6. weather man put me off,third week running. I must be getting old/
  7. Sea trout...12ozs(sorry mate,didnt know it was private,yeah i put it back) Bream.....11.8 Roach.......2.0 Rudd.........tiny Perch........1.10 Crucian.....2.1 Eel.........About 3 Common...35.8 mirror......39.8 Barbel.......6.1 Chub.........4.2 Dace........12ozs Mullet.......2.8..(total lunatic) Mackerel...about a pound....My Mum ate it. Best fish...23.8 mirror,classic looking fish,textbook capture
  8. Much prefer to have my 2 rods on single sticks,if i have the chance too use a third,it's tucked away in the margins. If it doesn't recieve any attention,chuck towards the next swim,that should get a reaction.
  9. That brings back memories,rod tied to the handlebars of a pimped up pushbike, a couple of carrier bags on the handlebars,and away you went for a day in the country. We were proper mobile anglers then.
  10. Grangemilkys last sentence is the one that has been on my mind for some time. If you find evidence of otters,no need to make a song and dance about it,deal with it quietly. I am lucky enough to fish for some big carp on the lakes near home,I don't think the members there are going to see them destroyed one by one.
  11. Welcome. Furnace lakes, the long lake near the house,swim 49, lovely patch of gravel in the edge,to the left
  12. Welcome back mate. I don't know anything about leicester,is the cheese really red?
  13. It would be nice too have that option,but in my case,all the waters I fish are two rods only. Maybe just as well,as they can get busy,and not everyone will be chucking the third rod in the margin.
  14. Luckily,I havn't had an accident since I took a corner too fast at St johns with a fully laden barrow.
  15. Welcome to the forum Have a good read through the threads on here,you will soon be as confused as the rest of us.
  16. The first thing in my spod mix,is partiblend.I often add a tin of condensed milk,and most of what Dalthegooner has listed above.
  17. I take far too much,but I am sure I may need it one day. I keep looking at ways of cutting down,but as far as I can see,it's all essential.I certainly need to lose a few leads,I should just keep a box in the car.
  18. Forecast does'nt look too bad,I wish I was out there. Good advice above,re where to put your bivvy.
  19. I used to make my own bobbins. Can't remember the exact materials, but there was a hair grip,and half a clear biro involved somewhere. I gave up on the elephant rod rests,they are ok for day sessions,but at night they wander off and nest in tree's.
  20. A good book,radio for football results,coffee,stove and my winter survival kit(at least two hot water bottles).
  21. On a typical session,(after work),baits in place by half six,and they stay there until 1pm ish the following day.
  22. stripey


    I read an article once,where the author said,he looked for duck activity, particually in winter,as this may indicate where the last remnants of weedbeds,and natural foodsource could be located.
  23. Spot on.Lost count of the number of gorgeous south westerlies that have become bone chilling eaterlies. Apparently,from jan, 13,its going to snow for 4-5 days solid....Get the suncream ready!
  24. Evening all. Did I miss anything while I was at work?
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