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  1. How do you secure your brolly/ shelter in the winter when the ground is frozen solid? Any suggestions? Cheers
  2. A little late here but if your still looking for a "hard" bedchair then take a snooze on the Daiwa D Carp be chair. You won't be disappointed
  3. Though I am yet to use them in heavy rain I like mine. They could be a little louder on the volume but what can you expect for such a tiny alarm speaker. I was really surprised with the sensitivity settings on such a budget alarm. I first bought mine for the novelty of it but ended up quite impressed with it.
  4. Daiwa Crosscast XQD You guy's have any thoughts regarding these reels? Thanks
  5. There are lot's of carpers in PA. Check out the PA section of the Carp Anglers Group. Here's a link: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/forum/index.php?showforum=108
  6. I would use boilies or pellets on the hair and large, pungent method on a feeder. Honestly though, who would know your baiting up or what your doing? Be happy they let you fish with two rods as we can only use one here unless it's on a boat, Good luck
  7. Best gurt carp fishing in the world-Ontario!
  8. You can buy them at tackle shops and at Canadian tire
  9. Nice catches hawk. Yep, an early spring is nice though I fish all year.
  10. There are a few female carpers in our neck of the woods here in Canada. I wish carp fishing wasen't so male dominated. More female anglers would be great. Great catches.
  11. Nobody's perfect buddy. I'm also just a mortal carper lol That's a well earned mirror WTG!
  12. You can still just register and be involved with the group. If you decide to be a dues paying member later that's up to you. Until then, don't worry about it
  13. Hi Carpmaestro Nice catches buddy! Your passion for carp angling and learning are admirable. If you are interested into looking into carp fishing more local than check out our group wihich is more north American based. It's called the Carp Anglers Group.You might find other carpers in your area aswell as learn a few tips and tricks. We have vendors that sell unhooking mats and other tackle you might be interested in. Basically, you can see whats going on in the USA and not just the UK. PM if you have any questions Here's a link: http://www.carpanglersgroup.com/main/ Mark
  14. It's my understanding that fishable areas are very limited in that area? You may want to check out the Ontario section of the CAG? Someone might be able to help you? I think your best bet is to look into lake Ontario or fish it's tribs. Google earth is a big help to discover swims known and undiscoverd. I'm sure if you do a little more scouting around you'll be on to some fish in no time.
  15. I was given a Kodak sport HD video camera. It's an upgrade from the previous one. Can take underwater footage up to 10 feet deep. It'll be great for my carp fishing blogs
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