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  1. Of minor significance. Jay Gold allows 3 rods in the slow season - winter and sometimes in deer season when crowds are small. Also does not allowed rolled oats/oatmeal. Wow, BS, you must get around to assemble such a list. Few or none of the carp ponds I've heard of actually advertise or list in a phone book even.
  2. I have seen a sign for "Walser's Carp Lake" on Hwy 150 (?). It's on the left if you're heading into Lexington. If I'm going to Lexington from Clemmons on Hampton Road, I turn right at the end of Hampton (I think that's 150). Find a map on the web and follow Hampton Road to the end to be sure. But, I have never fished there.
  3. Wilkes County. From Boone, take US 421, Turn left at first stoplight (I forget the hwy #) before entering Wilkesboro. Go 4 miles. Turn right when you see the sign, "Gold's Fish Lake". If coming from the east, go though Wilkesboro and turn right at the last light (At top of long hill, LARGE convenience store on left). Sorry I don't remember the hwy number. Go 4 miles, etc. Gold's is a small lake. There's another small lake in the vicinity, but I would get you lost trying to give directions. There is a "Big Money" lake also in that general vicinity, but that kind of lake is too expensive for my preference, so I have never been there. If Gold's is not quite what you're looking for, you can ask anyone there for directions to other lakes. Gold's is open Saturdays in the winter 10am-6pm. You probably could get directions at tackle shops & convenience stores in that part of Wilkes County. Wilkes County is about as far NW in NC as I think you will find a pay lake. I've never heard of any in Watauga, Ashe, or Alleghany counties.
  4. I all the time hear guys at the carp pond say, "This is a good summer bait, winter bait, June bait, Wednesday bait, whatever bait..." ; or, "This bait works well in winter, but they won't bite it in summer, fall, whatever" Can anyone give me a rough run-down on what baits work best in which season?
  5. I've been making out Ok w/millet bait lately. The recipe is at one of the carp sites on the web. Use millet, Karo syrup (clear), flour, and bran (I usually add some flavor also). Keeps forever if, like me, you don't get to fish much. Get the ratios right so it's not too stiff to break well or too loose to cast. Don' remember the site. Try "making carp bait" or something similar, on a search engine.
  6. I live in Boone. Mostly fish @ Gold's Fish Lake in Wilkesboro. It's a pay-lake. You may not be interested in that. Lots of pay lakes in the counties surrounding Watauga. Don't think you'll find many BIG carp in Watauga County waters. I've heard there are some monsters in Watauga Lake (TN) and Kerr Lake (Wilkes County). I just do my fishing at the pay lakes though. I like the fun & fellowship.
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