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  1. I started with one on helicopter and one on bolt rig and had a few on the bolt rig with straight takes and runs and the helicopter rig I had a few runs and then they stopped so switched the other rod over to bolt rig and they hooked straight away so stayed with it. I was using a 3 oz lead to swivel on the saftey clip so if it got snagged it ejected it and the fish would be safe.
  2. Went on a short session today and tried a bolt rig set up on my local and got on really well using a short hook length with 12 mm pellets so i'll stick with this set up for a while. Seems great for margin work under trees etc. and with a 3ox lead it seems to really drive the hook home and I had no lost fish today so all good.
  3. Thanks for the reply guys, that sorts out any doubts I had. I've just come back from a short session today and had 4 carp all around the 10lb mark using bottom baits on helicopter set ups so they work just fine. Cheers
  4. I'm pretty new to carp fishing and i was told that a helicopter rig is only used for a pop up bait not bottom bait and to use an in line set up. I have seen plenty of people at my local lake using a helicopter rig with bottom baits not pop ups so i'm a bit confused. Any help?
  5. I recently had a couple of lilly white,skinny boys with no shirts on next to a silly corsa with all the bits halfords sell playing drum and base for hours while stinking me out with a very smokey bar b q while drinking stella by the tin load while shouting across the lake" Got one mate get the net" Not good at all and I told them so enough times but never made any difference. I packed up in the end and it ruined my night session.
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