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  1. Also one to consider is the Nash double top, 2 man..
  2. Burco and a metal mesh bin I think....Done
  3. Yes, the coot kept diving and giving me a 'run'.... Bloody thing
  4. Hi guys, I am wanting to cook more that a saucepans worth of particles, what do you use, I was thinking a water boiler but then I would need some sort of cage to put inside, any ideas ??
  5. Yeah I agree. 4 fish came out in 48hrs I had 2 runs so theres something to take away, I learnt a few things and made an enemy in the form of a coot!!!!
  6. Last session last night till sunday 36 hr soaking wet through blank... 5th june 13 hours blank.... hhmmmmmm Getting a lil frustrated now.. Do you guys have spells like this?? Just a general question Is it due to recent spawn activity and severe temp drops, from like 18C down to 4C at night ?? My rigs??? HMMMMMM oh the joys of fishing
  7. good thinking Are they ment to slide that freely?
  8. ste1984

    June begins

    Off for a 24hr tomorrow fist long session of the month, new water, new rigs to try, new PB to catch...(Hard water tho )
  9. Hey guys, Im using a hinge rig, helicopter style...Im using 30lb Fluoro, and the beads are sliding very easily even gravity slides them down. What can I do ?
  10. Ok then they can maybe get moved to a presentaion stick or something ?
  11. Yeah I spent most of last night trying a 15mmbb and 15mm pop. Just trimming away etc, the bait still looks a bit gig for my liking, so might try a cork insert. Who will be the best person/people to have a look at my rig pictures to make sure they are ok so otheres can learn from ??? As I coulnt find a picture of what I was trying to do
  12. Wicked thanks for your patience in this, I know its been done to death lol. Im pretty clear now with what I want to achieve now. Thankyou Any disadvantages of using it with a KD
  13. so both baits are on the bottom????
  14. Sorry to start on this again guys. can anyone point me in the direction of what a balanced snowman should look like?? I have mine at the min so the shank of the kook if floating with baits above it, and the hook is sitting on its point near enough ??? Cheers guys
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