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  1. Cheers mate ill look into it.
  2. Thanks for the replies, got an unexpected phone call today of the blokes sister. She said he was really upset about what happened and they both agree he was at fault and he shouldn't of been there. She said fishing is a big part of her life so know how much it means to me and they are gona do there best to sort it, ive got to take the damaged gear round there and she said they'll sort a payment plan together or see if the rods can be repaired, better than nothing i suppose. She seemed genuine and was really apologetic so we'll see what happens when i go. As of the owner of the lodge i've not heard a thing so can't see me giveing them any money next year in fact the only time i'll go on there is when my dog needs a s##t and i've nothing to pick it up with (only joking). thanks again.
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