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  1. Don't know wether its my age but every year i have to really motivate myself to get up and get going for a couple of nights.Is it to do with age or am i becoming an old fart to quick.Does anybody else have this trouble,but i am only 42.
  2. Brought my vauxhall club book this sat just gone and it cost me £45 and that runs from the june 16th to march the 14th.
  3. You could try vauxhall angling club but it depends on what fishing you want and how far you want to travel.
  4. I have spoken to bleak hall sports in kempston today the club book is 45 pound for the season and extra to fish the close season.
  5. Collect them and use them a good natural bait.
  6. No the rivers still get busy just like the pits do but another month and the summer fisherman will be finishing,caught my biggest barbel of 11lb 10oz in october when there was hardly any one else about.
  7. Is there anybody on here who fishes sharnbrook pits on the vauxhall club book if so and you want some company you know where to find me,on here or at the pits cheers.
  8. Tins of hotdogs the various tins of allday breakfast's,bread rolls tub of butter that's me sorted for a couple of nights oh and not forgetting a jar of coffee.
  9. I prefer peperami the hot one , stays on much better than luncheon meat.
  10. If the carp are having it keep feeding.
  11. I am i have all six,number 7 should be out early next year i think.
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