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  1. You can certainly see the difference today. Personally I think most people look like prats these days. Demin shorts and a crap hat. whats wrong with that eh?
  2. I had to stop using this as it was really starting to get me down
  3. louis84


    surely you don't smoke 'smokeyMcPot'? Well I never
  4. louis84


    HAHA this thread is ridiculous! Do you think the carp would notice if you had recently fuelled your car compared to if you were wearing lynx africa?? And heaven forbid if you stirred your coffee with your finger....you'd never catch anything ever again.
  5. I read that the fish was 50 years old in the times
  6. I Fish 2 rods. On a few occasions last season I decided to use 3 although I found that there was a bit too much work to do. Something else to worry about. And didn't really enjoy it as much. I believe its not worth it if your only doing an overnighter or even a weekend really. So I sold my 3rd rod and am very happy sticking with two.
  7. mine is often Hemp (with a bit of chilli added in) Maize / sweetcorn small pellets couples of groats & tares swim stim groundbait Boilies whole and crushed.
  8. yeeerrrrrr bunch of nancy sissys!
  9. I must admit I do love the gorgeous scenery of willesley. Seems to be a fairly decent crowd down there too and im still yet to pull out a lovely big carp from there. Are you back on willesley now jason? Or were you just having a little wonder?
  10. I leave this one to you guys. Doing 24hrs on sat but cant decide which to choose, Willesley lake or Beadles. havn't actually fished beedles yet but walked around once or twice, so would be a first. My fate is in your hands!
  11. hell yes! tactical assault vest. Or multi use assult vest. Love it. Looking at it, that could easily replace my current tackle box full stop. Obviously you dont always have to wear it. Just makes life much easier when moving, packing up etc. The best thing about them is that you can still get a backpack on your back. Might go down to the local army supppliers at the wknd and have a nose
  12. sounds brilliant! especially if your swim is a s quiet as mine often is! your right though, the jacket with the pockets would be much more suitable. not even just for stalkingthough, id proably use if for anything up to 24 hrs. compact and effiecient...simples!
  13. I was just wondering if any of you guys use, or have thought of using, an army webbing system instead of your tackle boxes. You know, the stuff they use to carry there magazines (cue joke) and other equiptment. They would be grate if you are only going on a short session and planning to move around a bit. Plenty of pouches for bait, leads, tackle etc, and its all wrapped nicely around your waste if you want to do some stalking or similar. Granted you may look like a right numpty although im not so sure it's such a dumb idea
  14. why? does he bring a KeBob instead?
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