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  1. Anyone know of any suppliers of Hollow Glass Spheres
  2. deags7

    Bespoke Baits

    Just a few of the baits we have been producing
  3. I think he is using bait making dye
  4. If you want speed but cheap check my video on YouTube out
  5. I've been on most lakes. I would choose cell as my bait. Try and get middle of the lake in biggest space depending on your draw. Fish a lightened bottom bait or Wafter with a two bait stringer out to middle of lake (90yards) pm for more info as too much to type
  6. Thanks Lads keep them coming
  7. I make hook baits and was after some info on what you guys use. Free bait lol sorry but if you fill the survey I'll sort you out a discount code for my website www,bespokebaits.com
  8. All the guys that make the effort to make their own bait there are still questions for you to answer. Colour how much bait you use.
  9. Its Glycerine, Corn Flour, Flavour and Dye. There is a video on youtube on how to make goo.
  10. I've posted a very small bait survey on Survey Monkey. Would be grateful if you guys could give it some feed back. Thanks in advance https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/KKCMJDJ
  11. I might give powder a go. Anyone tried it?
  12. deags7

    barrel grubs

    The Pop up strip in these baits allows you to control where the hook will sit in the carps mouth
  13. Diameter of your sausage is too big. Hand rolling will be very difficult to maintain a constant sausage diameter. Cheapest place to get a good sausage gun is a local timber/flooring suppler. They are used for dispensing glue out of a foil tube. Found one local £17.99. Lovefloors.co.uk
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