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  1. 66 have viewws and no reply, someone must know something!
  2. Anyone fished there? got any info on it? cheers
  3. Yesterday i had a good look on google earth around my area, i found this lake, about 4 acres inside a triangle of railway lines. The lake was hard to get to as the gate was locked. Once we got there it was clear this lake was pretty much unheard of, great i thought. I took a closer look around and the water had seemed to have got shallower to the images on google earth. there was a few clearings in the woods where people had been. There was massive amounts of rubbish, and it was evident someone had fished there. there was fire marks, rubbish and the water was very grotty. i then found what seemed to be a fish feeding contraption. it was 3 barrels filled with seed with a tube that released the food at the bottom. because the water had shallowed the tubes where out of the water. Walking around the lake there was a lot of fish in there, they were extremely dark like wild carp, i saw some big carp there too in a deeper area near an old barrage. I felt it was such a shame to see them living in those conditions. there was so much rubbish and the water was grimey, it was suprising how anything was living there. whilst walking i considered myself lucky i didnt bump into some polish people getting their dinner.. such a shame.[/img]
  4. grr i have tried every website but cant find one i can download the dvds off of??!!! HELP! pm me please
  5. i say really hot when i get there,, then warm spitting rain with clouds for the rest of the session. na i doont really care aslong as i catch jst find the above condition the best for catching,
  6. i caught a 20lb common in the margins and he absolutey leaped out of the water then fell and belly flopped,, was probably the most exciting moment of my fishing life! i cant think why though, maybe they just get a rush of energy or they are trying to impress a female?
  7. lol,, na i live near stansted just been down there once! errm i would say big hayes but some people find that hard, i had 7 fish in 72 hours which looking at now is terrible! but ive blanked 3 48 hours in a row before so cant be to bad! yeh get on big hayes i used ccmoores xxx but i know there own boilies work very well, the method works and also pva bags of pellets. anywhere will get you a bite, just try to look for the fish chris
  8. i was fishing todber manor a few weeks ago, had over 10 fish. i got literally all the ducks in the lake around the spot i wanted to fish and fed them with mixers, i then moved on to using boilies, as i wanted they were diving down and eating them along with the weed. i could tell i was doing it right bvecause all the weed floated to the surface! this isnt what i wanted in the first place, i wanted to cause a lot of disturbance and cloud up the bottom to interest the carp, but instead the ducks were clearing a spot for me. ace tip! i basically fed the birds up and they didnt bother me for the rest of the session. once they cleared off i put the rods out there pva bags over a few spods of hemp and maggots. tight lines chris
  9. also jamie use slack lines and back leads so fish in front of you arnt spooked by lines when feeding in the weed. yeh as i said try pva, and bait it up slightly and see the effectrs, if carp are eating it and if yes bait it up a bit more and so on: you can tell by the weed you bring back on returning your lead and hook if theres any bait left on it. when are youj nect going there? tell me your results! ALSO if i havent said already use natural hook bait, like tiger nuts: make sure there balanced so they sit on the weed, for tips on this buy the latest total carp (basically drill a hole in them and place cork the size of the hole init!) tight lines and good luck
  10. i though it would be interesting to find out what the most random thing everyone uses in the spod mix, i did a search and find a pint of guiness one of the strangest! also ive heard things like tomato ketchup and milkshakes! whats yours? personally im boring and the most ive experimented with is probably garlic powder or minced sardines!
  11. firstly look for holes in the weed where the fish are feeding, then what i have done before is make a map of the lake and make a mark on it where the fish are showing, then if theres a pattern where the fish are showing most: fish there i would go for the helicopter rig style, with about a 6inch hooklink, use solid pva bags fill with particles and baits that look like natural sources ( i quite like the look of super slop by ccmoore) then add a few pva foam pieces into the bag to help it sink slowly. place your hook and bait in the bag. and if you cant see fish feeding use trees too gai height, and if still yuo cant fish the deeper part of the lake, and at night fish the channel when the fish are more likely to come in closer. it wouldnt be the railway pit your fishing by the way would it/?? lol it sounds just the same
  12. prebait with cheap particles, same spot - same time of the day, as often as possible i would say do it about 6 as i find this is when i catch the most and so the carp must feed at this time, this can be different on different lakes so you will need to find out! instead of going for the spod approach try something different like catapulting, throwing etc or try fishing the margins study the water look for the fish, then maybe stalk them if you can,, also fish in week days when it doesnt get as busy so theres less pressure hope this helps chris
  13. has anyone used, actual salmon in their spod mixes? i hear a lot about use of salmon oil but never actual salmon, any help?
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