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  1. all the factors mentioned above defo help but not always - and i'm not sure they come completely under the title of water craft - there just common knowledge aren't they? with pressured waters fish often ignore the factors mentioned previuosly. i believe water craft is being able to locate fish when there is no obvious signs. my usual questions to myself are does the swim look like it has potential to hold fish ? (regardless of past trips and other anglers opinions) if you were a fish would you be nosying around there if you felt a little peckish ? it's abit of a sixth sense i believe. i may often set up on the opposite side of the lake from the terrace of bivvies that clogg up the south facing bank. carp may follow each other but us fishermen dont!.
  2. where abouts are you fishing?? if you are catching carp off the top during the day then i wouldn't worry, put in the nights and the carp will come. standard bolt rig will suffice if not snaggy. nothing complicated about river fishing. just keep fishing the same swim and keep the bait going in.
  3. over the years, what's has been youre best and worst three buys. i'll start... best buys. 1. optonic super compacts - (never broken and still going strong after 15 years). 2. pedigree chum mixer. a must have bait at all times. 3. cypry dome. outer skin ripped last year after a good 10 years use. worst buys. 1. brotel - absolute rubbish (did not like the wind, only used twice) 2. trigga pop ups - always seem to fall off for some reason. 3. 'web' type pva bags (gardner i think) - rubbish.
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