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  1. I live really close to Sutton Park (North Birmingham), I’ve caught Bream/Roach/Tench & Pike. I know in the past there were decent Carp in some of the pools but apparently that was many yrs ago, I’m going to give it a try this summer for Carp & was wondering if any forum members have had any sizeable fish from there in recent years?
  2. Many thanks 👍 he’s a 8mth old Staffy cross American Staff, he’s well socialised with people & other dogs. I think he’ll be a too strong to attach him to my bed chair as he’ll probably tow me & the bed chair if he wants too! Lol. I’m going to start him in the garden in the Bivvy for a few nights with my to get him accustomed to tent-life before a serious session. tried to upload photos but unable to. Just keeps asking me to upload from URL?
  3. Hi, I’m new to the forum & I’d like to say hi to everyone out there. I live in the West Midlands & I’ve fished for many yrs for all U.K. species, mainly Carp & Pike though. looking forwards to the banter with all on the for, I’m in the process of training my new pup to be a regular fishing partner ( hopefully lol), any advice on this would be very welcome! Dave.👍🎣
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