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  1. Would you suggest having the line exiting through the front of the kicker then? Instead of out the back?
  2. Yeah I did only to see really, was worried the line aligner was going to close the hook to much. Would normally just use silicone tubing for this part
  3. Just tied this rig. Seen used once or twice by rob burgess, slip d with a stiffer boom material. Guess it’s basically a combi rig. Any changes you’d make?
  4. Yes I’ll certainly post some results, just ordered a few bits to tie a couple rigs up so will let you know!
  5. Thanks for the reply, I’ve had a look at the hinge stiff rig but like being to change the hook nice and quick, think I’m going to try a multi rig but with a stiff section by the hook
  6. Hi guys looking for a bit of advice, looking to move away from spinner rigs as they are potentially going to be banned at the fisheries I go to. Need recommendations on a new pop up rig please?
  7. Ahh I see , to be honest i knew that the soak probably wouldn’t go right through. I got two different wafters pastel orange and yellow so should be able to see
  8. Okay cheers mate , I’ve got some Glugging and I’ll leave some unflavoured and see how I get on
  9. Just brought some unflavoured wafters and going to glug them in some different flavours, what’s the best way to go about it? Should I use a baiting needle and prick some of the baits to help it soak up or just cover and leave them?
  10. What 3 carp rigs should all anglers have in there armoury’s?
  11. callum23


    Think I have fully confused myself so just looking for a bit of help , was at a new lake recently and I was talking to the owner and he was suggesting a spot 10 wraps out and 8 wraps out, he fishes 12 foots but my rods are 11ft and I use a 10ft spod and marker rod, should I wrap up to the same amount of wraps or is it different, sorry if I’m being stupid, thanks in advance
  12. Do people always lead around when they get to the lake ? Or will this just scare the fish off? I guess it’s helpful to find clear spots and these types of areas but doesn’t it affect the fishing ? Opinions pls
  13. What does your spod mix normally contain if you don’t mind me asking ? Is it normally just boilies , crushed and halved ??
  14. Are there certain times of the year when you’d use different hookbaits? If so what times ? Looking to try and stick to certain ways and perfect them but dunno really what to try. Are pop ups mainly for winter ? Do you change for example in spring compared to summer, any advice would help a lot
  15. Would anyone be able to give me some advice on fishing pop ups? I am more interested in the baiting tactics around them as I am happy with the multi rig. Should bait be spombed around the pop up or just scattered and is it mainly boilies that should be used or is hemp and corn any good ?
  16. I’m relatively new to carp fishing and I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me out as I have completely confused myself. I have a 10ft rod for spodding but my actual rods are 11ft would I still wrap up the rods to the same amount of wraps ? And what distance should my marker sticks be? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  17. Looking at getting the advanta discovery mini spod rod. It’s 10ft and was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for spod reels to match
  18. Yeah I understand that,I’m looking to move away from the CC Moore pacific tuna. And was just wondering if anyone had found a certain DNA bait effective, I was interested in getting the switch bait or the s7
  19. What are peoples opinions on the DNA Baits? Are there any certain flavours people would recommend?
  20. I don’t suppose you could Chuck a link in here pls @welder Cheers!
  21. Advice on setting up this particular bivvy, has anyone got any experience with one. As I am struggling slightly
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