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  1. This is a question aimed at those of you who consider yourself to be an above average carp angler or who have fished with such anglers or those who have significantly improved in recent times. A friend and I were discussing carp fishing and asking why certain anglers seem to take places apart yet regulars struggle for a few fish a year on the same waters. Why is it certain anglers catch big fish after big fish year on year? Of course time and access to the right waters help. As does bait etc but nowadays most people have access to the same resources. What do you do now that has really lifted your game or what have you noticed when watching a top angler in action. Is it a sixth sense or just a natural gift that some people have just as some people are gifted at football or rugby. Or is it preparation and focus before going fishing and then once on the waterside? What separates the good from the great in our sport?
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