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  1. I'm fishing with a variety of floating plastic corn on hair rigs and chumming with corn near the bank, and throwing the method feeder out with a mix of oatmeal,corn, and jello powder. I was getting a hook set every attempt on the method feeder. However, the last time I went out, 90% of the time (about 15 good hits where the line was spooling off) I'd reel in and there was nothing there. I've heard that you're not supposed to set the hook on carp bc they have fleshy lips, and etc... but I'm not sure what I was doing wrong? I noticed that people were catching a lot more freshwater drum than usual, could they be messing me up? We caught 1 drum and 1 carp but missed so many takes. I also noticed that this was the choppiest water conditions I've fished in so far for carp. Thanks for your time and input! Using hooks sizes 4/6/8 10lb mono Water is pretty muddy.
  2. Hello, I'm new to carp fishing and I live right next to Lake Michigan and am fishing for some bigger carp on lakes connected to Lake Michigan. Have caught quite a few with an instant oatmeal, corn, and cherry/strawberry jello powder mix with a method feeder. Are there any other combos that are cheap and I should try? Was thinking about trying to add bread crumbs/seasoned bread crumbs to the mix as well.
  3. Awesome, I was there when I was younger and caught my first carp. They were spawning and I literally spit into the water on top of my empty hook and caught a beast.
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